CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History--Part Two

Chapter contents:
Adam Weishaupt...John Robison's
"Proofs of a Conspiracy"...the unmistakable Illuminati/
Marxist connection...the Lion's Paw (photos)...
...Karl Marx: Occultist...Karl Marx's personal connection to the Illumnati...the Illuminati's ideological infiltration of America...more photographic evidence...brief overviews of JFK and the Cold War...and a few closing examples.


My purpose for this chapter is to try to show how the Jesuits, specifically through the agency of Adam Weishaupt, began to achieve world power. As you will see shortly, Weishaupt (albeit as a hireling for the super-rich) 
is the true founder of Marxism, communism, and all the other forms of compulsory collectivism. 

Many Americans believe we've dodged a bullet with the "demise" of communism in the Soviet Union. But, as I hope you've realized in reading through many of the chapters in this book...the collectivist totalitarian movement is alive and well in America.

Both "liberalism" and "Neo-conservatism" are merely Marxism/Weishauptism/ a different disguise. Both the left and right wing, in thinly veiled fashion...are headed eagerly towards totalitarian world domination, if you've been observing carefully.

Interestingly, while many conservative Christian people seem easily able to detect bare-fanged socialists among American leaders who dishonestly front as mainstream, garden-variety politicians (think Obama, Clinton, etc.)...

...those same Christian people, for some reason, have much greater difficulty detecting the wolves on the "conservative" side. As one example, father and son, Irving and Bill Kristol:

These are the virtual founders of the Neo-conservative movement in America...and both are covert Trotskyite socialists...i.e. communists. While they, of course, both deny any present-day allegiance to a sneaky, dishonest fashion, they both circle around to become point-by-point supporters of Trotskyism. That is to say, they are enthusiastic believers in world domination and a worldwide compulsory collective.

In earlier chapters, we've been looking at the evidence of ongoing, present-day Illuminism. And in these last couple of chapters (15 and 16) we are now tracing the history of Illuminism's political progression.


Having taken a closer look at Loyola and the Jesuits, we now have much better insight into what Adam Weishaupt
may have been about, and an understanding of his true agenda: He had been a member of the Jesuits, which is a Marrano/ Kabbalist organization at its core.

Adam Weishaupt

Weishaupt was himself also Jewish...which serves to further underscore and confirm this otherwise very strange phenomenon of a large Jewish presence in the Jesuit organization.

His seemingly effortless, chameleon-like shifts from the Kabbalah to Catholicism to atheism can best be understood as the behavior of a covert Kabbalist...and that of a Jesuit undercover agent.

As a matter of fact, Weishaupt's heavy infusion of Kabbalism into Freemasonry culture is a dead give-away as to his Kabbalistic, satanic essence.

Weishaupt was apparently neither a believer in atheism (even though he advocates such in his Illuminati doctrines)...nor did he ever actually hold to Christian beliefs during his tenure with the Catholic church. He was, from every appearance and every indication...a kabbalic Satanist.

As was pointed out earlier--Freemasonry IS Kabbalism...and such has been proudly and repeatedly pointed out by Kabbalist historians. Weishaupt's Kabbalism has literally produced the Illuminati / Freemason doctrines of global rule.

First, Loyola brought Kabbalism into the "Catholic" organization which he founded--the Jesuits. And Weishaupt, in turn, brought this Kabbalism from the Jesuits (as a hireling for the Illuminati)...into the secret societies which were relatively benign up to that point.


What really becomes an eye-opener is the clear historical connection that can be traced from Illuminism in the 1770' the founding of Marxism in the 1840's.

Marxism/socialism is a direct descendant of Illuminism. In other words, socialism (i.e. "collectivism") is nothing less than pure, unadulterated Illuminism. As it turns out, the original Illuminists (Weishaupt and others) were literal forebears (ideologically speaking) and all directly and personally connected to...the later founders of Communism.

Benjamin Disraeli, a Jewish intellectual who served twice as Britain's Prime Minister during the middle 1800's, provides the details of how Weishaupt and his army of "secret society" minions were the direct cause of Marxism. LINK

Friedrich Engels also has clearly conceded this Weishaupt/Freemasonry connection in his article "History of the Communist League" (reprinted in 1959 by
Lewis Feuer)...even though mainstream history books to this very day try to claim that Communism was merely a "spontaneous" uprising of working people.

Indeed, a closer look at Weishaupt's Illuminism provided by John Robison (below), reveals this obvious connection between Illuminism and Communism:


One of the key sources of evidence regarding Weishaupt and the Illuminati comes from the writings of John Robison. He was the author of Proofs of a Conspiracy written in 1797. In it he provides details on the rise of Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati, and Masonic lodges...and as to how they interacted.

Mainstream historians try to argue the Illuminati ceased to exist in any meaningful way...after their ousting by Bavarian authorities. But the fact remains, they simply slid into the back halls of Masonic lodges around the world, where they continued to flourish in secret.

When you take a close-up look at Weishaupt's' views, you realize they are a dead ringer for Marxism/socialism. Therefore, Illuminism is not was adopted by Karl Marx and has been perfectly I will try to point out here in a moment.

It becomes rather apparent in reading through this selection of quotes that the "Illuminati" did not just curl up in a corner and die. Weishaupt moved swiftly and decisively into the back halls of Freemasonry...where Illuminists are hiding out to this very day.

John Robison (1739-1805) was Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh from 1774-1805. From the University of Edinburgh website:

"He lectured on a broad range of scientific subjects including mechanics, hydrodynamics, astronomy, optics, electricity and magnetism, introducing a good deal of mathematical demonstration. Robison's most widely read work was a strongly anti-Jacobean tract which set out to prove that the fraternity of 'Freemasons and Illuminati' was concerned in a plot to overthrow religion and government throughout the world."

Here I am quoting excerpts from Chapter 2 of his

"I am now arrived at what I should call the great epoch of Cosmo-politism, the scheme communicated to Baron Knigge by the Marchese di Constanza. This obliges me to mention a remarkable Lodge of the Eclectic Masonry, erected at Munich in Bavaria, in 1775, under the worshipful Master, Professor Baader."

Note: It is interesting to see here this early reference to the "cosmopolitan" philosophy...literally "world rule or government". Continuing... 

"Of the zealous members of the Lodge Theodore the most conspicuous was Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law in the university of Ingolstadt. This person had been educated among the Jesuits..."

"Weishaupt had long been scheming the establishment of an Association or Order, which, in time, should govern the world. In his first fervour and high expectations, he hinted to several Ex-Jesuits the probability of their recovering, under a new name, the influence which they formerly possessed,"

Note: At this point (from 1773 to the early 1800's) the Jesuits had been forcibly disbanded by a rather gutsy pope (Pope Clement XIV). What I find quite interesting though is how Weishaupt readily assumes his utterly amoral pitch to fellow ex-Jesuits is going to strike a chord.

That is yet another fairly strong hint that the Jesuits were fundamentally about political power and influence...not religious philosophy. If there was more power to be had as an Illuminist...they'll dump their Jesuit identity in a become Weishauptian 'socialists'. Continuing...

"The Lodge Theodore was the place where the above-mentioned [Weishaupt's] doctrines were most zealously propagated. But Weishaupt's emissaries had already procured the adherence of many other Lodges; and the Eclectic Masonry had been brought into vogue chiefly by their exertions at the Willemsbad convention."

My comment: In other words, Weishaupt's Illuminism was already spreading through these Masonic lodges. Continuing...

"The Lodge Theodore was perhaps less guarded in its proceedings, for it became remarkable for the very bold sentiments in politics and religion which were frequently uttered in their harangues..."

"The Order was said to abjure Christianity, and to refuse admission into the higher degrees to all who adhered to any of the three confessions."

"In the Lodges...patriotism and loyalty were called narrow-minded prejudices, and incompatible with universal benevolence..."

"The baneful influence of accumulated property was declared an insurmountable obstacle to the happiness of any nation whose chief laws were framed for its protection and increase."

My comment: The above statement is the Marxist/socialist anti-"personal property" concept...precisely. One hundred years before Karl Marx. Continuing...

"Nothing was so frequently discoursed of as the propriety of employing, for a good purpose, the means which the wicked employed for evil purposes; and it was taught, that the preponderancy of good in the ultimate result consecrated every mean employed..."

My comment: Again, is this not classic "Communist"/ Marxist / socialist anti-morality -- "The end justifies the means"?

These last several statements are a dead-on description of communist/socialist ideas as put forward by Karl Marx et al, a hundred years later.

Here we are seeing direct descendancy from Weishaupt to Marx, on down to the collectivism/socialism that has permeated all aspects of US government and community life as it marches steadily towards a totalitarian police state.

Keep in mind--the ultimate objective of Weishaupt's and Marx's collectivism is NOT to collect the wealth, power and freedoms of the community so that it may be equitably re-distributed. Of course not. The objective of this "cosmopolitan" scam is precisely the opposite:

It seeks to confiscate all the resources and freedoms of the world so as to render everyone powerless...and to then implement a satanic, totalitarian world rule. At the end of the day, satanic kabbalism has come all the way from antiquity and has slithered right onto Elm Street in AverageTown, USA.

But back to Robison's portrayal of Weishaupt--After describing the 'shut down' of the Munich lodge, Robison writing in 1797 reports that Illuminism continued in the back halls of the many Masonic lodges:

"The Order of ILLUMINATI appears as an accessory to Free Masonry. It is in the Lodges of Free Masons that the Minervals are found, and there they are prepared for Illumination."

Comment: Remember, the above is being reported in 1797, twenty years after Weishaupt's problems with Bavarian authorities. A bit further in the text, Robison begins quoting Weishaupt himself. Here are these direct quotes:

"And what is this general object? THE HAPPINESS OF THE HUMAN RACE."

"...the wish naturally arises in the mind, that it were possible to form a durable combination of the most worthy persons, who should work together in removing the obstacles to human happiness, become terrible to the wicked, and give their aid to all the good without distinction, and should by the most powerful means, first fetter, and by fettering, lessen vice; means which at the same time should promote virtue, by rendering the inclination to rectitude, hitherto too feeble, more powerful and engaging. Would not such an association be a blessing to the world?"

A "durable combination of the most worthy persons.."?? Here we see the introduction of one of Illuminism's and socialism's greatest absurdities...and it's most dangerous element-- The idea of a 'magical' group of inexplicably morally-superior people...who presumably are to be given huge and sweeping powers, to confiscate the freedoms and wealth of others. Marx later echoed this...precisely.

Continuing with these quotes from Weishaupt, directly below he describes two very important aspects of Masonic culture--the emphasis on attracting the best and the brightest...and attracting those individuals by means of an intriguing element of 'secrecy'.

What better hiding place for the planning and execution of nefarious deeds...than to be surrounded by all the most respected and upstanding citizens in the community?

And as to the ingenious "mystery" element that has been built into Masonic culture--if you've ever noticed how excited a child will get upon receiving his super-secret decoder spy ring from the bubble gum machine outside the grocery'll have an idea why this weird "secrecy" phenomenon has been a central key to success for the Masons. Weishaupt continues:

"But where are the proper persons, the good, the generous, and the accomplished, to be found? and how, and by what strong motives, are they to be induced to engage in a task so vast, so incessant, so difficult, and so laborious? This Association must be gradual. There are some such persons to be found in every society. Such noble minds will be engaged by the heart-warming object."

"The first task of the Association must therefore be to form the young members. As these multiply and advance, they become the apostles of beneficence, and the work is now on foot, and advances with a speed encreasing every day."

"The slightest observation shows that nothing will so much contribute to increase the zeal of the members as secret union. We see with what keenness and zeal the frivolous business of Free Masonry is conducted, by persons knit together by the secrecy of their union."

Comment: Frankly, I find Weishaupt's insights into the human psyche verging on 'diabolical'. Who could come up with the idea of creating a worldwide network of secrecy upon which to build a global domination conspiracy? Hmmm. Could it be...Satan?

The Devil has played on a very simple principle of human nature: People love to be in on a secret. Somehow, Weishaupt and his superiors identified this simple principle...and have played it like a fiddle throughout the history of Masonic culture. It has obviously been the key ingredient to Satan's world domination schemes.

The secrecy of Freemasonry provides a context...a gathering place where creepy people can conspire for global domination. The established and by now largely accepted culture of Masonry provides a convenient operating base.

By the way, note above, Weishaupt's disdain for the "frivolous business" of 'outer' Masonry. If Mason initiates only realized how badly they're being used--the majority of lower-ranked Masons are good people, who have been selected precisely because they convey decency and wholesomeness.

So here we indeed have evidence from the reports of John Robison which indicate this quest for compulsory globalism routinely continued on behind the scenes of various secret societies, principally within the Masonic lodges.

Not only did the Illuminati not fade away...we see here evidence of Weishaupt's and his fellow Munich Mason's willingness to engage in hardcore brinksmanship (even to the point of incarceration) in support of their cause. These guys were dead-serious about their continuing quest.

The emergence of Marxism a hundred years later...and the Bolsheviks later evidence of those efforts.


In 1920, Winston Churchill described a direct link between the Illuminati and the

"From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, to those of Trotsky...this world wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality, has been steadily growing."

"It played a definitely recognizable role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads, and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."
(Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920. Page 5.)

Comment: Those statements are rather ironic given Churchill's own involvement with 'secret societies' and occultism, as a member of the Ancient Order of Druids. It would seem to suggest a possible Jekyll/Hyde scenario.

The same strange duplicity occurs with one of Winston Churchill's descendants...TV preacher Pat Robertson...who has categorically denounced Masonry and nevertheless showed up on the cover of Time magazine flashing a great big fat Masonic hand sign...once again, the "Lion's Paw".

And Karl Marx posing in a photograph with the Masonic signature "Lion's Paw" is point-blank evidence.

Freemason Karl Marx and the Lion's Paw

Pat Robertson's Lion's Paw

Napoleon Bonaparte

I'll describe more about Marx in a second. First here are a few more examples of Masons with the "Lion's Paw" display:

Actor Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin.

Edgar Allan Poe. He died under suspicious circumstances.

Salomon Rothschild--patriarch of the Rothschild family.

As was previously indicated, the Rothschilds are also members of the Vatican / Jesuit militia (the Knights of Malta)...thus we see more evidence of connection between Freemasonry and the Jesuit General...if it wasn't already obvious to the reader.

Above: Even stronger evidence. In fact, a blatant Masonic gesture from Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli -- thought by many historians to have
overseen the assassination of Lincoln.


We're told in the mainstream history books that Karl Marx was a dyed-in-the-wool atheist / secularist (atheism being a prerequisite of Marxism) who disdained all the 'superstitions' of the spiritual realm. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Marx had satanic background, practices and associations (Engels once described Marx as "a monster possessed by 10,000 devils"). There were a number of indicators:

Although he was apparently something of a devout Christian during his youth, tragically something went awry in his spiritual life at a certain point. He commenced a lifelong torrent of satanic world-hating/human-hating rants. Very ironic given his official descriptions in the history books, of a humanitarian out to save the world.

One of the poems he later wrote: "Thus Heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well, My soul, once true to God, Is chosen for Hell."

He also authored a drama entitled "Oulanem" which apparently is a rough anagram of "Emanuel" --a Hebrew word for 'God'. Anagrams and backwards spelling are typical of Satanists/Luciferians. In it Marx wrote:

"I have power within my youthful arms/ to clench and crush you [humanity] with tempestuous force/ while for us both the abyss yawns in darkness/ you will sink down and I will follow laughing/ whispering in your ears/descend, come with me, my friend."

Another Marx poem: "The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain/ till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed/ see this sword?/ the prince of darkness sold it to me/ for me...he gives the signs / I play the dance of death".

Another indicator was his association with Mikhail Bakunin (who partnered with Marx for the
First International). Bakunin was openly and explicitly satanic--in his book "God and the State" he expressed support for a "satanic revolt against divine authority" and "Satan is the eternal rebel, the first free thinker and the emancipator of worlds".


Karl Marx had direct connections to the Illuminati. For one thing, he and Engels received financial backing from
The League of the Just, quite clearly a ‘power elite’ group…an Illuminati outfit.

Further confirmation comes from his association with Giuseppe association which is described and documented by Engels in his Marx biography. Mazzini was the successor to Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt, a few years following Weishaupt’s death. Mazzini became the second "CEO" of the Illuminati/Freemasons.

Marx working shoulder-to shoulder with the head of the Illuminati is 'slam-dunk' evidence that Marxism and socialism are the product of globalist elites...and that Marx was the furthest thing from a secularist.

Mazzini, together with Albert Pike, the leader and founder of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States, established the
Illuminati's so-called Paladian Rite.

Albert Pike, by the way, also founded the Ku Klux Klan with all of its evil and blatant occultism--really nothing but thinly veiled Satanism. Here, by the way, is a quote from Pike, an unequivocal statement made by him while addressing the Masonic “Supreme Councils” on July 14, 1889: 

"To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this…the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the LUCIFERIAN Doctrine. . .". LINK


You can see therefore, this grand scheme:

1) First, there has been the progression of satanic Kabbalism coming all the way from antiquity.

2) Next--it appears to have been inserted into the back halls of Catholicism, specifically among the Jesuits.

3) Then it made a lateral move into the "Illuminati" and...

4) ...has then, from behind the thin veil of Marxism and socialism backed and directed by international financiers, gone out into the world as a powerful and dangerous global domination scheme.


While the Syndicate's global domination schemes have advanced behind a "socialist" disguise...the same deadly collectivism takes a slightly different and subtler form here in the US:

Socialism justifies "collecting" all the community's wealth and personal freedoms into the Great Collective. Theoretically, this is supposedly for the purpose of creating a more equitable distribution. In reality, this is being done to facilitate a literal 'take over' of the whole world-- Take everybody's freedoms away...take all their resources away...and presto, worldwide totalitarianism ensues.

Make no mistake-- this same totalitarian "collectivism" (i.e. socialism) is advancing even more powerfully, albeit in a slightly different and more roundabout way here in the United States. I believe the 'powers that be' have allowed some added (but only temporary) 'breathing room' in the freedoms of the marketplace facilitate a wealth production which they have then largely confiscated for the purposes of financing their global take-over operations.

But the United States appears to be, in many ways (very sad to say) a veritable 'base of operations' for the Antichrist globalist agenda, at least for the time being. The very "engine room" for Illuminism's globalist movement has been Western political, financial and military power...with the United States, head and shoulders above all others, leading the way.

I have come to strongly theorize that the Book of Revelation's references (chapters 17 and 18) to "Mystery Babylon The Great" is very possibly describing a kind of Vatican/Jesuit/USA combo. But these appear to be merely 'front operations'...vehicles which the Antichrist and his cabal will abandon when they come out into the light of day to present themselves to the world. Certainly, the US seems destined to decline and obsolescence.

I recommend reading through those Revelation passages carefully. (I'm still studying this through.)

As we are nearing the completion of this "global government" agenda, the Antichrist forces are slowly but surely 'closing up shop' for America. It has nearly completed its "usefulness" for these people.

Increasingly, we are seeing freedoms being confiscated in a thousand sneaky (and not-so-sneaky) ways, in preparation for a full-blown, totalitarian police state:

Illegal government surveillance of email and telephones, BigBrother-style driver licenses and passports with RFID chips, executive orders which have given goverment leaders sweeping dictatorial powers, hundreds of FEMA prison camps which are able to house millions, the removal of habeas corpus, the removal of posse comitatus, the increasing brush-off of Fourth Amendment rights, the subjecting of US citizens to "renditions" to foreign countries for the purpose of torture and abuse ...

...and last but not least, the impending destruction of US currency. The bad guys have created a massive multi-trillion dollar "currency bubble" and will, apparently at a moment of their choosing, cause an implosion. Presumably, the Antichrist's economic program (i.e. the "mark of the beast") will follow almost immediately after.

Is this the new government door tag? This is not far from present-day reality.


Not only are America's freedoms being systematically confiscated but also our nation's wealth....through a variety of slippery Federal Reserve 'shell games'. The American people have been hugely misled regarding economic issues. One other example of how the elites are literally robbing the American people blind:

The current real estate foreclosure epidemic is a case in point. The banks have no moral justification for confiscating all these homes from folks. Why? Because the banks never actually loaned any money to the homeowners in the first place.

The way the bankers (the Syndicate) have rigged this up--when the home buyer signs the loan papers with the bank, the loan amount is then literally created out of thin air, i.e. "fiat currency". There is a flimsy 'fig leaf' of rationalization, wherein the buyer's cash downpayment (typically about 10%) "authorizes" the creation of credit for the remaining 90% of the purchase price. Fractional reserve banking in action.

The bank then credits that amount to its own accounts...and then fraudulently "loans" those newly created monies back to the homebuyer. In reality, the buyer owes the bank nothing...and yet has to spend the next thirty years re-paying the bank. It's a scam...a huge theft.

In fact, the bank has actually profited from the value of the buyer's signature authorization...because only the buyer's contract agreement authorizes the creation of the loan amount. The bank should actually be in debt to the buyer! I know-- it's mind boggling. This is a very shortened version describing only one aspect among many, in which the Syndicate is literally stealing the whole world. The US financial system (and most of the rest of the world's financial system) has been specifically and carefully designed to illegally and immorally confiscate ("collect") the fruits of man's labors.

Here is some introductory material on the general subject of financial fraud: LINK

Going down through the world's and the United States' political history we can see some of the results of Illuminati handiwork:

President Franklin Pierce

President Rutherford B. Hayes

President Andrew Johnson.

A revealing quote about Johnson: "In testimony given in March, 1867, before the House Judiciary Committee, General Gordon Granger reported his surprise at the way in which President Johnson viewed himself as subordinate to his Master Mason, the infamous Albert Pike. Granger had participated in a White House meeting with the two of them." LINK

Below, another photo of Andrew Johnson in which he is utilizing the "V" occult symbol. Notice how the artist has depicted his hand rather unrealistically, in an otherwise very realistic order to perfect the triangular shape.

In the context of President Hayes' previous Lion's Paw display, his slightly more subtle triangle display (his right hand) is unmistakable, in my view.

33rd degree Mason Harry Truman, with a somewhat subtle "V" shape display.

Sad to say, Truman was bought and paid for by
blueblood money. He was handpicked and financed top to bottom, identically to Richard Nixon who was the literal property of Prescott Bush.

Truman later authorized the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki even though Japan had
already surrendered, for all intents and purposes. No matter to the 'elites': They wanted to send a message to the Soviets...and their boy, Truman, dutifully perpetrated this cold-blooded mass murder.

Above: Prescott Bush looks over his brand spanking new politician. Nixon, appearing very puppy-like in this photo, kowtowed to Bush throughout his career. He later installed Prescott's son, George Bush Sr., as director of the CIA.

I had previously displayed depictions of Bill Clinton posing with the "V" sign (see again, below)

In similar fashion, Scottish Rite Mason Ronald Reagan strikes this conspicuous split-finger pose in the above portrait. Notice how they have highlighted his left hand. It also looks to me as if they have portrayed him with a slightly harsher if to signal to his Masonic brethren, he is not the sappy "aw shucks" guy the public may have thought he was.

Indeed, when I first ran into testimony from Monarch/MK Ultra survivors who served in the White House, I had to put the articles away for a few weeks before I could read further. I had wanted to believe that Reagan embodied the 'goodness' of America. I wanted to believe he was unaware and uninvolved. Not the case. Not by a long, long shot. That one hurt pretty good.

All I can say these various testimonies-- Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor, just for openers. Both have books out. While Reagan was not really running the country (Veep Bush was in charge), he knew everything about the globalist conspiracies.

Both he and Nancy Reagan demonstrated an abiding devotion and allegiance to occultism throughout their lives. It is a widely known fact, they regularly consulted witches.

The attempt on Reagan's life most likely cemented his 'dissociated' mental state. I'm almost certain, a part of him was quite aware that Bush Sr. had been behind the assassination attempt. The Bush family and the Hinckleys had been
acquaintances long before the shooting, by the way. Similarly, the Bush family were acquaintances and business partners with the Bin Laden family, years before 9/11.

One of Hinckley's brothers had a scheduled dinner date with one of VP Bush's sons within days of the incident. Enough said (even though there is more to that story).

Below: Hillary Clinton strikes a hand pose (her right hand) virtually identical to that of her husband and Ronald Reagan.

George Bush strikes an identical V-shape hand pose in this portrait painting:

On and on it goes: Another split-finger "V" from Reagan:

None too reassuring: George Washington 
also displaying the "V" signal:

At one point, concerned citizens corresponded with Washington over their fears that the Illuminati seemed to have infiltrated the U.S. government via the Freemasons.

Again, none too reassuringly, Washington was himself a Freemason. Washington wrote back, claiming to share their grave concerns about the Illuminati, but saying he knew of no infiltrators (hmmm).

Yet another split finger "V" pose:

Below: Another Washington portrait...with the "Lion's Paw" pose:

On Edit: Here in the present day as of January 2020 - Adam Schiff -- 


Below: A variation of the occult symbol (by use of the thumbs) on the cover of Time Magazine.

In the above photo, we have German Chancellor Angela Merkel engaging in some obvious occult signaling. We see this kind of signaling all over the place among occult elites. In similar fashion to Hillary Clinton, Merkel's favorite signal seems to be this inverted triangle.

Winston Churchill...the one who popularized the "V" sign in modern times.

Pauline Robinson Bush, lovely daughter of George and Barbara Bush, who died tragically from leukemia, at age three. Notice how her devout occultist parents have arranged to incorporate a "V" sign in this memorial portrait (her right hand).

Above, a young Ben Franklin displaying the "V" sign. LINK

Franklin was a member of the occultist HellFire Club...supposedly only a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek affair. However, in 1998 workmen discovered the remains of ten bodies buried beneath Ben Franklin's home (in London), in which the indications were such that 'foul play' could not be ruled out.

Britain's national newspaper, The Times, reported on Feb.11, 1998:

"Initial estimates are that the bones are about 200 years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762 and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes. Paul Knapman, the Westminster Coroner, said yesterday: "I cannot totally discount the possibility of a crime. There is still a possibility that I may have to hold an inquest." Additional LINK

Notice the striking similarity (to Franklin) with which actor and 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason, Michael Richards, displays a veiled "V" sign.

Because of some of the conspicuous poses struck by these folks, the actors in the Seinfeld show are suspected of having kabbalistic allegiances. The numbers of Hollywood VIP's with occult affiliations...are legion.

Notice all the "V" shapes going on in these photos, including (in the crouching position) Jason Alexander's rather sly triangle shaping with his hands. And below this magazine cover...there's a repeat performance with the leg thing, again from actor Jason Alexander.

And more recently, a magazine cover photo (below) with Louis-Dreyfus flashing a "mano fico" indication of total disdain and hatred for her own fans. Yes, extremely odd stuff.


What I'm trying to do here is, within the space of this one chapter, take the reader from the early beginnings of modern cosmopolitanism / globalism...all the way up to modern-day world: From the days of ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt...through a long succession of Illuminati / Freemason agents...into the resulting political intrigues of the 20th and 21st centuries..for which I provide a few examples in closing out the chapter.

The 'players' have been carefully hand-picked...and the plays are being carefully scripted. Keep in mind though, the bad guys do not yet have full control:

President Kennedy rebuffing the military / industrial complex was not part of the plan--as just one example indicating something less than perfect choreography. I have wondered how similar is the current situation with Senator Obama.

Even though Obama is closely allied with the Council On Foreign Relations
(his wife is an actual member and officer) and even though he is dutifully cooperating with CFR sharks who are presently "helping" him find a suitable running mate, and otherwise "advising" him...there are some who hope he may turn out to have a bit of an independent streak...not a trait that is greatly appreciated by the Syndicate.

On the other hand, the darker theories regarding Obama are unfortunately probably the more likely ones...starting with the rather obvious fact of Michelle's fairly blatant occult signaling (see above). 

Webster Tarpley (who played a role in exposing the Franklin Cover-up) has come out with a book entitled Obama - The Postmodern Coup Making of a Manchurian Candidate in which he presents evidence of Obama being a full-blown "mind control" victim.

[On edit, as of July, 2010: I have long since given up hope that Obama is anything other than a "Stepford" president. Probably the most extremely mind-controlled and "programmed" US president ever. The indications are that he has literally been groomed from his teen years, handpicked by globalist/probable-satanist Zbig Brezinski, and subjected to the CIA's MK Ultra and Manchurian Candidate regimens.]


You'll find that most of the same researchers who have been uncovering 9/11 and all these other nefarious matters, tend to include a heavy documenting of the ‘power elite’/Illuminati conspiracy behind JFK’s death.

In the age of the Internet, it is rather surprising what a simple matter it is (so it seems to me), to discredit the official version of this event (which was a concoction of the Warren Commission, and completely backed by the mainstream media).

For example, one can easily find these 5-7 second video loops all over the Net, which show the actual moments of the shooting. These loops play over repeatedly, and although it is a distasteful experience to observe this shooting…it immediately becomes completely obvious that the second shot to hit JFK, came from the front of the vehicle.

JFK’s head is blown back. His entire body is knocked back violently. You can clearly observe (unfortunately) the bullet’s entry point at the front of his head.

Think about it: If these simple and easily observed facts have been covered up, it has been done so by a huge array of the most powerful people in America (the members of the Warren Commission, for example).

There is a very large amount of material to study through, on the JFK assassination, if you so choose.


Far and away, the best 'condensed' glimpse which reveals what a spectacular lie has been the "official story"--a riveting and unique interview of attorney Jim Garrison, conducted by none other than Johnny Carson on the old Tonight Show.

Carson came completely out of character (very tense and virtually zero humor) and showed ominous signs (in my opinion) of having been carefully coached--he seemed to know extremely obscure tidbits about the length and breadth of the JFK investigation.

But Garrison's explanations and evidence are absolutely devastating to the "lone gunman" assertions. If you'd like to listen to this five-part (one hour) interview, simply go to Google Video and type in "Jim Garrison Johnny Carson". I have provided these links here previously, but Google keeps killing them.

Here again, apparently only for the time being, is a link to the full-length Johnny Carson interview of Garrison, on the Tonight Show (January 31, 1968). LINK

There was a rogues gallery of nefarious characters to be found in Dallas that fateful day. E. Howard Hunt, who played an infamous role in the Watergate scandal in 1973, was asked point blank during an interview recently-- “Were you in Dallas on the day of Kennedy’s assassination?” His answer—“No comment.” What can that mean except very bad things?

Hunt does, in fact, figure prominently in the JFK scenario, according to many Internet researchers...and to his eternal credit, he offered a dramatic deathbed confession a few months back, in which he blew the whistle on those he considerd the main participants. LINK LINK

An extremely obscure quote from Richard Nixon’s White House tapes was ‘unearthed’ in 2002, in which he was quoted as saying that the Warren Commission was “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated”.

H.R. Haldeman, another major figure in the Watergate scandal, was White House Chief-of-Staff under Nixon. In his memoirs, Haldeman said he discovered a very odd thing about Nixon—every time the President made a reference to the “Bay of Pigs” fiasco, it was actually a code reference for the JFK assassination.

Haldeman’s stumbling on this realization certainly seems to shed light…as Nixon made nervous references to the Watergate/“Bay of Pigs” connection on the White House tapes. Apparently, according to some researchers, Watergate was related to ‘mop up’ efforts going back to the assassination, ten years earlier. Hence, the involvement of E. Howard Hunt in the Watergate scandal.

As was indicated earlier, Nixon was owned and operated by the Bush family.

If you trace it very carefully, you see that Nixon catered to the Bushes throughout his political career. In 1963, Nixon was also dutifully present in Dallas from November 20 to November 22. The rabbit hole goes deep. LINK LINK

Lyndon Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Brown, has testified of him bragging to her the night before the assassination that “those ____ Kennedys have embarrassed me for the last time…”.

This was after he had just emerged from a meeting (in Dallas), with Richard Nixon, H.L. Hunt, George Brown, John McCloy, R.L. Thornton and other VIP’s.

And then there is the famous and much-discussed photograph “The Wink” involving LBJ buddy, Congressman Albert Thomas.


While LBJ did not mastermind JFK’s murder (top suspect for that category—George H.W. Bush), he certainly went along for the ride, and was obviously one of the chief beneficiaries. The ‘powers that be’ wanted a lucrative war in Southeast Asia and LBJ was willing to give it to them. Once in the White House, he moved quickly to manufacture an entry scenario—the infamous and utterly falsified “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

In 1981 during an unguarded moment with reporter Doug Thompson, John Connally, the former governor of Texas who was wounded in the Kennedy assassination, was asked if he thought Oswald had been the one who fired the gun. He stated: “Absolutely not. I do not for one second believe the conclusions of the Warren Commission.”

When asked why he hadn’t spoken out, he claimed it had been for the good of the nation to move on. It most likely had more to do with him wanting to stay alive.

Here is a short Google video interview with the former mistress of LBJ, in which she tells about his prediction of the murder: LINK)

Here is another short (two minute) Google video which exposes another startling anomaly--as one of the key Secret Service bodyguards is ordered to stand down just moments before the shooting. You clearly see the perplexed exasperation from the agent who has no idea why he has been told to leave his post next to the presidential limousine. See below, how he is indicating his puzzlement.


Another example of how world history is being completely fabricated much of the time: Classical libertarians and even many classical conservatives have long viewed the so-called Cold War as nothing but a contrived scam designed to massively empower and enrich the Military Industrial Complex (another term for the Illuminati…coined by President Eisenhower in a daring farewell speech). Mainstream conservative American citizens however, were duped and backed the Cold War to the hilt.

Think about it: In a million years, the Soviets could never have actually competed economically (and therefore militarily) with the US. They HAD no economy (to speak of). Back in those days, people living behind the Iron Curtain would get on a three-year waiting list just to buy a refrigerator, for example.

For 45 long years, unbeknownst to the American community, we were made to foot the bill for BOTH sides of this ‘Cold War’…by means of various Federal Reserve Bank shell games.

Anthony Sutton who was an economics professor at California State University and a research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution is quoted at his Wikipedia page from his 1972 testimony before Congress: 

"In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology. Almost all - perhaps 90-95 percent - came directly or indirectly from the United States or its allies. In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the revolution in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance." 

Image result for Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution


If you step back and look at the bigger picture, you gain some insight into the strategy of the globalists: Look, for example, at how these cabalists have underwritten the creation of communism. The Soviet Union, which remained dirt poor throughout it’s entire existence (by design) was therefore completely dependent on illegal technology-giveaways, and covert infusions of loans and financial support (at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, of course…not the globalists').

Then the "elites" turn around and convince the American people and their government that there need be a massive militarization in order to defend against the ‘evil monsters’ of communism. The military / industrial complex players are vastly enriched by this, as they are the ones getting all the fat government contracts for munitions and weaponry production.

This goes on for several decades, and then at the ‘right moment’, the plug is pulled on the Soviet Union (in 1990)...and there then emerged a single, dominant 'world power' (the United States)...which is all there ever really was to begin with, in my understanding. The Soviet Union was never going to be allowed to 'get out of control'. The Cabal is very skilled at creating 'monsters' which they then remove at their convenience. Something we can observe with the artificial rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis

[Edit: I would have to say I have now modified my position in recent that the US has apparently not been as successful at eliminating Russia from being in the running, as they would like to have been. The Russians have slowly risen in prominence in recent years. Apparently, there is ferocious competition between the various satanic factions for preeminence. Robert VanKampen and a few others have been of the opinion that Germany will somehow come out on top.]


But if the "great Babylon" of Rev. 17 is to be understood as a reference to America (as I theorized earlier in this chapter)...then, America's role as the 'tip of the spear' for Antichrist globalism is nearing its end.

There are others that are now emerging as contenders...Germany and the European Union in particular...also China...and Russia is emerging. America may be going down for the count. The Bible talks about these political, military struggles...various nations vying for domination. Overall we are witnessing a global consolidation process on the part of the Antichrist cabal.

Just to review the 'big picture' I have tried to portray throughout my thesis - there is a worldwide (Antichrist) cabal which seems to have its ultimate 'spiritual' leadership from the Jesuits and the Jesuit General. The international bankers appear to be the chief implementers of this satanic quest for global domination. These people will briefly achieve their goal. 

But then, after a mere two or three year period (beginning at the time of the Abomination of Desolation) the King of Kings will step in and interrupt human history, shut down human history, and at last bring God's kingdom to earth.

Finally will the Lord's Prayer now have been answered "may Your kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven" and thus will the eternal "age of God" have commenced.

Exactly which faction of the worldwide Illuminati operation will achieve somewhat unclear. I would lean towards Germany, based on some of the arguments and evidence put forward by VanKampen who carefully bases his views on specific Scripture passages, from what I have observed.

I would HIGHLY recommend a careful and slow reading of Robert VanKampen's book The Sign...which I believe to be unrivaled in providing an analysis of modern-day geopolitics in close comparison to the Bible's prophetic descriptions.


I have tried to provide examples throughout this manipulation, 9/11, and so on. Here are a few more examples--events in recent history that were nothing like what the public has been led to believe:

The downing of PanAm 103 at Lockerbie, Scotland:

The Oklahoma City bombing (1995):

The downing of TWA 800:

According to the Scriptures, the Devil's deceptions and trickery are reaching a crescendo in these last days...and which culminate in his introduction of the Antichrist and a worldwide totalitarian regime.

Interestingly, the Bible explains in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 that at a certain point God steps in and confirms people in their desire to believe the Devil's lies and to be deluded by the Devil:

"The coming of the lawless one [the Antichrist] will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that those who are perishing wickedness deceives." 

"They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them to powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that they will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."



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INTRODUCTION: Connecting current events to "end times" a way you've never seen before.

CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Luciferians in American culture, politics, academia...and in the Evangelical community.

CHAPTER TWO: The Kay Arthur/ Al Denson/ Robert Schuller/ Star Trek/ Oprah Winfrey Connection??

CHAPTER THREE: A Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FOUR: An Even Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FIVE: 9/11--Some Parting Shots.

CHAPTER SIX: A Closer Look At The Bush Family.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Entering the Netherworld.

CHAPTER NINE: Hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease...and more.

CHAPTER TEN: The Pre-Trib Rapture Problem.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: A Grand Tour of the Devil's Crime Syndicate.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Part Two of the Grand Tour.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Part Three--Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Part Four--More Wolves.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate--Part Two


CONCLUSION: "Happily Ever After".