CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Luciferians in American culture, politics, academia...and in the Christian community.

In the last several years I have been coming across evidence of..."undercover" Luciferians, hidden Satanists.

When I say "hidden" I mean by that (and I know this is mind boggling)...occultists who have secretly infiltrated the "Evangelical" church world...and have also infiltrated the various nooks and crannies of American culture, business, academia, as well as American politics and government. But it was these covert occultists secretly inserted into conservative "Bible-believing" Evangelicalism (and among the Charismatics) that first got my attention.

And so with this report...I am trying to find some way of putting out a word of warning to any concerned parties...regarding these startling developments (and not sound like I've lost my mind in the process).

Personally, I have been brought up in a conservative Christian home. My father was a pastor and I am also a Bible institute graduate myself…so I have had more than my fair share of exposure to books, conversations, sermons and rumors about the ‘end times’…the coming “New World Order”, the European union, one-world-government, the Antichrist…on and on.

This stuff I am now trying to tell you about however…is a horse of a different color. Fasten your seatbelt and hang on to your hat.

The fact that these schemes have advanced this far, to a point where they are literally at our door and have even moved across the threshold into our communities....and the fact that all of this has been happening right under our noses and yet remains concealed and out of a strong indication of ingenuity that is BEYOND human ability.

Some may be asking-- "What about Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, and many others? What are their views on this subject? Why haven't they talked about these things?"

I have plenty of comments on that question a bit later, as you'll see if you go further along in this research. One brief remark I would make at this point and which only covers a small part of the question:

In general, there is (in my view) some 'rigidity' in the status quo of things in mainstream Evangelicalism/ Fundamentalism. If there is new and unsettling information of this sort coming to light (with the advent of the Information Age and the Internet)...truth be told, the "establishment" of the conservative Christian community doesn't do very well with that sort of scenario. I believe there is in fact a status quo to protect, unfortunately.

It's not always that there has been a blatant lack of integrity, in all these cases. It's just that the brain tends to shut off and shut out that which doesn't fit into the presumed scheme of things. ("Evangelical pastors who are actually covert satanists? Come on.")

I know that doesn't cover the topic fully, but at this point I wanted the reader to at least know that I am fully aware of this strange and puzzling situation...where all these earthshaking developments are being completely overlooked by the vast majority of Evangelical "luminaries".


This bizarre insertion of luciferian devotees into conservative Bible-believing, Evangelical (and Charismatic) churches and organizations throughout America has been going on for decades, if not longer.

And these people play the game to the hilt: They go through the system step by step. They enter into Bible colleges, they graduate, they “go into ministry”, they rise through the ranks. Today there are at least hundreds of these covert occultists strategically positioned all over the landscape of Evangelical leadership. Many are at the highest leadership levels.

Now, the interesting thing is…two different reactions tend to occur among those I have talked to about all of this: First, people will say--“Well, of course…this is what we should be expecting from Satanists, Luciferians and their ilk. Frankly, I’m not very surprised. The Bible has always warned us about ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing'.”

But usually not too long after that, some misgivings begin to set in—“B-b-but…why exactly are they doing this? What is the purpose…the strategy? I don’t know—this all sounds really crazy.”

And so it has gone for me, in my quest to get the word out about this strange phenomenon: At first, there is usually a routine acknowledgment that such things are to be expected of this fallen world in which we live…but then the implications begin to sink in, a bit of panic ensues…and most of these good and decent church-going people I have talked with…begin to be confused and alarmed by this admittedly startling situation, and thus want to back away.


So, just before we get into some specific evidence regarding apparent satanic infiltration of the conservative church world, there are some things to keep in mind while reading through this report:

Firstly, we need to get rid of the superstition that plagues much of the evangelical/fundamentalist world in regard to anything remotely related to “spiritual warfare”. It’s almost as if anyone who asks more than just a couple quick questions about the subject is viewed as having a “fixation with demonism”…and will be admonished with—“you have developed an unhealthy focus, my friend”.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that in the church circles in which I grew up, most pastors would be reluctant to preach anything more than a quick 2- or 3-part series on Satan or demons or “spiritual warfare” (and the like) the risk of being described as "obsessed".

I know many people from those circles who have held to an amazingly 'backwards' and unbiblical notion that…if they were to engage (or “dabble” as they might say) in an in-depth study of our spiritual enemy (Satan and his minions), they would develop some sort of spiritual 'health' problems.

Folks who are otherwise whip-smart Bible students apparently think they’re going to break out in hives or have their home overrun by poltergeists, if they study the enemy and his strategies. It’s an amazing superstition, no different than pagans in some remote parts of the world who are afraid to approach the “evil forbidden mountain” (or some such thing).

Just imagine for example, if there were football players who were being made to watch game films of their opposing team so as to scrutinize their strategies, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Could you ever imagine the players complaining to the coach—Coach, we don't like this at all. You have an “unhealthy focus". You’ve become “obsessed” with the opponent. By viewing these films, we’re afraid the opposing players are now going to come over to our homes and…uh…haunt us. (Say what?)


Another 'objection' I have encountered: There is a reluctance among some of my Bible believing Christian friends when we eventually get into the subject of interpreting coded occult signals and symbols. I have had some folks try to offer suggestions:

Rather than studying occult symbolism and the occult world...aren't we better served by simply studying the Bible...the Truth of God's Word, so that thereby we can then recognize the falsehoods and trickery of occultists and occultism?

But it doesn't quite work that way. In proposing such a thing we're in danger of "spiritualizing" something which requires a practical approach.

An example of what I mean by "spiritualizing" would be...if a person saw that his backyard lawn needed mowing...and instead of getting a lawnmower, he would pull out a lawn chair, sit out on the patio, and begin praying feverishly for the grass to become shorter.

When you think about it it doesn't make much sense to try to identify hidden occultists with their secret coded communications simply through 'scripture reading'.

Just think if you were walking the streets somewhere and there were opposing gang members wearing gang colors and flashing ominous 'gang signs' at one would obviously serve you well to have some degree of familiarity and knowledge about such things and to be able to get yourself to a safer area, if you lived in a tough neighborhood like that.

And please realize all of Planet Earth is a 'tough neighborhood'! It is enemy territory. Jesus said "behold, I have placed you as sheep among wolves".

In 'spiritualizing' what is a practical matter such as this, how would that be any different than, for example, the notion that one could interpret and learn sign language (for the 'hearing impaired') only through studying Scripture passages? You could scrutinize God's Word for decades, and never learn a thing about sign language.

As another example, it would be like trying to use the guidance of Scripture to repair your TV set--obviously, an inappropriate application.

In this day and age it would behoove Christian people to learn to recognize some of these symbols and the same way you would want to be cognizant of many other danger signs in your surrounding world.

At this point, occultists are having veritable conversations with each other in full view of the community...and church-going folk don't have a clue. They have waltzed right into Christian bookstores, right onto the shelves with their CD's and books...and have infiltrated churches and organizations, completely unnoticed.


How many times do we see church-going young people flashing the 'devil's horns' at a Christian concert..or flashing the "peace sign" occult signal?  I AM NOT SAYING
 someone is going to turn into a pillar of salt if they doodle a "peace symbol" (the upside down broken cross) inside the flap of their Bible...but there has been an accumulation of cultural and spiritual illiteracy, and a general lack of awareness regarding the world around us, which has put Evangelical Christians in a very dangerous position.

The other day, I was having a conversation with an otherwise seemingly earnest and well-meaning Christian when, in mid-conversation, he rapped his knuckles on his desk and made the statement: "Well, knock on wood, hopefully that'll never happen."

Knock on wood?? I suppose many would say I make too much of too little but...technically, that is a 'salute' to the forces of darkness. Personally, I am no more comfortable with that than someone who would give a quick "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute. I find little excuse for that level of unawareness and spiritual illiteracy among Christian people. As you'll find out--there is a heavy price to pay for the cavalier attitude many church-goers have these days, towards elements of occult in our midst.


As you will see--there is a master plan behind this infiltration. They aren't doing this just to be obnoxious. A trap is being set. It is a trap that is warned about on the prophetic pages of Scripture--things that pertain to "end times".

Jesus has warned of the Great Apostasy deception in His "Olivet Discourse". That is what these satanic infiltration efforts are all about! You'll read more about this a little further down in this chapter. And the entire subject of the Great Apostasy is dealt with extensively throughout my "book".


And one more thing before we dive in: Just to be clear—I’m not proposing any ‘extremist’ activism. No cataclysmic confrontations with alleged “satanists” occurring in church sanctuaries around the nation. Nothing like that. I mean…if you have many millions of dollars and would like to buy a TV network and begin spreading the news about some of these things…go for it. I’m just proposing that each of us individually simply endeavor to become a “light” in the darkness.

Each person who becomes informed and aware of these diabolical schemes…is one more “light” that is pushing back the darkness and the deception.

The kingdom of darkness has a critical reliance upon darkness…therefore as more and more Christians hopefully become aware of these things, it strikes a devastating, crippling blow to the enemy’s plans.


IS "CHRISTIAN MUSICIAN" MICHAEL W. SMITH...A COVERT OCCULTIST? (If not…then what is going on here??)

As I have said researching the obscure corners of the Internet, I have come across numerous instances of prominent "Christians" (pardon my quotation marks, for the time being) who give evidence of occult allegiances…who display occult symbols and occult messages by various means and methods...and do so in a secretive, coded fashion. 

By the way, the word "occult" literally means "hidden" or "secret". I am attempting to point out evidences of "secret" and "hidden" allegiances in the midst of the conservative Christian world.

As an opening salvo, I offer the example of Pat Robertson. If you have the opportunity to read further into this research report, I go into some depth about Robertson. I provide considerable context in doing so. At this point, suffice it to ought to "fry the gizzard" of any concerned Christian to see Pat Robertson flashing a Masonic (luciferian) hand sign on this Time magazine cover photo:

And please notice how this occult symbol-flashing activity is "hiding in plain sight". I have had some folks try to argue-- "Well, how secretive can this be, if it's on the cover of a magazine?".

But...if one does not understand or know how to recognize and interpret these symbols and signs, it matters not what is being "displayed" on magazine covers, CD covers, book covers, or on the web sites of some of these people. To this day, literally 99.999% of the Christian community has no awareness or understanding of what Robertson did in this 1986 photo.

As an example, nowadays I rather marvel at how I utterly failed to notice Robertson's ultra-conspicuous occult signaling back when this Time magazine issue first came out. I literally recall this very issue, as I was excited at the time for any promising conservative presidential candidate. Robertson actually beat George H. W. Bush (the eventual Republican nominee) in the Iowa caucus before fading. 

But because this bizarre 'clawed hand' on Robertson's chest was totally meaningless to me, I completely overlooked it. Hidden in plain sight.

At this point, some readers may be thinking to themselves:

"I've watched the man for years--I've seen no signs of Satanism lurking around the fringes. He's just kind of a sappy Charismatic TV preacher with a few weird eccentricities and a little too much money."

I would respond first of all by saying that now you have seen indication of occultism with this individual. He's displaying this occult gesture, the Lion's Paw (also known as the
Sign of the Fellow Craft).

And secondly, at this early point I'll just say that I am completely aware of this problem of apparent conflicting evidences and indicators coming from some of these occult-symbol flashing 'Christian' leaders...and that these issues are going to be addressed directly, if you read along further.

As to Michael W. Smith, I had followed the career of this Christian pop musician for years. For whatever reason, his music didn’t appeal to me that much (Keith Green is my all-time favorite) but when my kids came along they liked watching his videotapes, as he was one of the few Christian artists to have professionally produced concert videos. It was something to keep my kids occupied when they were three and four years old.

Having watched him up close on these videos (behind-the-scenes footage and scenes of him at home with his All-American family) and having seen him perform (on TV) at a number of Billy Graham crusades, where he sang and talked briefly about his life...Smith had always come across as completely sincere, very gracious, rather mild-mannered and very charitable with his fans. He wrote and performed a song at the Columbine memorial service.

He had a
t least one song that rose to the top of the secular charts ("My Place In This World") and he has collaborated with Amy Grant over the years. For those of you not too familiar with 'Christian' pop music, it is fair to say that Smith is at the pinnacle of that particular world. (There may be a couple others who come close.)

Now...when I ran across the following information, it really jolted me in a big way-- it was my introduction to the mind boggling possibility of hidden Luciferians who have been deceptively inserted into Christian culture.

Let me say now, when you see some of the evidence below, I certainly agree that we should (at least at this point) be looking at any number of possible explanations as to how and why we can see occult symbolism being displayed in a coded and disguised manner on these Smith CD covers and other of his materials.

Here, for example, is one of his CD's--"Christmastime"--released in 1998. I'll get back to this in a moment.

Let's start with this: On the back of another one of Smith’s CDs entitled “The Big Picture” released in 1986 (see below), his name is spelled backwards. Without jumping to a premature conclusion here, I would nevertheless
 point out that spelling, or talking (and/or a host of others things) backwards is very significant in satanic circles.

However...what is really interesting is that two of the letters in his ‘backwards’ name are RUNIC. They are runes. Notice carefully (see below), the ‘t’ in "Smith" and the ‘m’ in "Michael". That’s not good. The runic alphabet, in the modern day, is related exclusively to occult practices and witchcraft. It is virtually the satanic alphabet. (The word ‘runic’ means ‘secret’.)

There are several variations of the runic alphabet but in researching, I found that the three major versions which have predominated the occult world, all have the identical ‘t’ and ‘m’ that you see on the back of the Michael W. Smith album.

Now, you may be saying-- Come on. It's just a coincidence. They used several different "fonts" for this stylized print, and they accidently used a couple of runic letters.

Wait a minute-- Take another closer look at this "Christmastime" CD cover (seen again, below) which was released 13 years after the aforementioned "Big Picture" album:

You will notice that Smith is, again, bringing this runic ‘t’ and ‘m’ into play.

He is forming a runic ‘t’ with his body...going so far as to lower his head, to round off the top of the ‘t’...AND is standing on top of this chair which forms a runic ‘m’. That is pretty shocking stuff.

Ask the question--What in the world is Smith otherwise doing...standing on a chair, striking this weird pose, out in the middle of the snow?

There is therefore, simply no mistaking the fact that on at least two of his CDs, he is displaying these runic/Luciferian symbols...and is doing so in a secret, coded fashion. That is extremely and pointedly ominous. (Again, the "Christmastime" album was released in 1998.)

(I fully realize that, at this point, many questions come rushing to mind. Please understand--I am going to attempt to address all of these questions as we go along. But it takes some doing. That is the whole purpose of this report.)


I subsequently had the opportunity to correspond with an expert on the occult --in particular, germanic and Norse occultism. She had personal connection to the occult world and had also obtained a degree in anthropology, apparently with an emphasis on occult issues. After looking over Smith's pose on the cover of his "Christmastime" CD she was able to routinely provide some interpretation for these particular runes.

I was stunned. I thought I would go an entire lifetime without knowing what this secret runic message was. I later discovered their meaning was readily available on the trusty old Internet...if I had only known where to look for it. Here were her comments and an analysis of the Smith "Christmastime" CD cover--things which I have since confirmed from other sources:

"In this pose, Smith is making the sign of Tyr (the Sky God), who (according to Norse mythology) sacrificed his hand to the Fenris Wolf in order to save others. It is also a warrior symbol of great courage, and of overcoming death. He is standing on an M, which is the rune for Mankind. I don't see that as sinister but make of it what you will."

I wrote back the following comments:

"Now, when you say his choice of runes signifies the 'sky god' and that this god is being placed above 'mankind'...that is very significant to me as a student of the Bible. The ancient manuscripts which make up the Bible, refer to Lucifer as "the prince and power of the air".

"Furthermore, the Scriptures indicate that for the time being, all of the world is virtually under Lucifer's dominion (although not complete control). It seems to me, a Luciferian would be very interested in depicting Lucifer as reigning supreme over mankind. I don't know what you see from your particular cultural perspective but I can tell you that for Smith to seemingly indicate such a spectacularly and utterly in opposition to his purported 'conservative Christian' philosophy."

"And given what I have observed in his otherwise kindly, charitable's indicative to me of  what has been reported of so many occultists - a kind of 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality."

"Thanks for your insights."  

(More on this strange and startling "Jekyll and Hyde" phenomenon later, around Chapter Eight)

In the occult world, not only is Tyr known as a "sky god"...the Egyptian god "Ra" is also known as a 'sky god'. From the biblical perspective we know that Satan has come by a number of aliases (Beelzebub, the Devil, the Dragon, Satan, Lucifer, Molech, etc.). It seems a pretty fair surmising that in referencing the “sky god”, Ra and Tyr are therefore likely aliases for the Devil himself.

Of course, in regard to Smith’s display of these runes…if Tyr is only a henchman to Satan…a mere ‘also-ran’ in the pantheon of pagan/demonic gods…would that make it any better? I should think not.

By the way, if you research the pagan religions of the world throughout history, it is intriguing how often the “sky god” concept comes into play: Amaruca and Quetzacouatl, are two different names for supposedly two different pagan deities.

Both of these entities played central roles in South American pagan antiquity, and both are described as “plumed” or “winged” flying serpent gods. Airborne serpent/gods: May we derive a hint here? Are the two different “deities” merely a disguised Lucifer?

Add Ra and Tyr to the list…and whether the Canaanite god “Moloch” (or Molech) is yet another alias for Lucifer, it seems clear that over the course of thousands of years, the Devil has fronted behind several different deity facades and even seems to have shifted his focus of activity geographically, for whatever reason:

From Egypt…to Canaan…to the Aztecs and the Mayans in South America…to the goddess Diana Lucifera, arguably the central deity of the Roman empire (and whom I suspect of being a female version of Lucifer)…to the British Isles and Druidism…along with the Germanic peoples and also the Viking culture…each seems to have recognized a single supreme pagan deity, and yet referred to this ‘god’ by a series of different names.

Michael W. Smith's runes documented--

Above: The Teiwaz (Tyr) and Mannaz (Man) runes. 


If you’re rather inclined to look for some kind of “out” or some kind of "down-to-earth" explanation that would clear things up for Smith…it certainly doesn’t help things to realize that he has openly and enthusiastically acknowledged (apparently without his fans understanding the ominous significance) having patterned himself in the past, after the Alan Parsons Project.

Particularly in the context of what we have already seen here, this would seem to be further grounds for concern, regarding some sort of occult orientation on Smith's part:

Alan Parsons Project is a pointedly Luciferian rock group which has routinely displayed satanic symbolism on its cover art. Smith made his supportive remarks in an
interview with Inside Music magazine, in their Jan/Feb 1991 issue (p.23).

Below, the cover of this Alan Parsons Project album (entitled "EYE IN THE SKY") has a depiction of the Egyptian/satanic “Eye of Ra”.

And this APP album seems rather self-explanatory.

He even named his first album "The Michael W. Smith Project." Smith therefore, likewise has a CD cover, where it seems very clear that he is indicating this Eye of Horus/Ra.

In order to better understand this, we need to first take a closer look at the Eye of Ra or "all-seeing eye" occult symbol. In the modern era, the Eye has been adopted as a luciferian/Masonic symbol and is used by a huge array of occultists and occult groups.

The most famous depiction of the "all-seeing eye" is on the U.S. One Dollar bill, where we see this eye placed inside of a triangle (which is yet another occult symbol). But the 'Eye of Horus' is also cropping up in many other places these days.

Here are some examples of the luciferian Eye of Horus symbol: Top to bottom-- the Dollar bill; the classic Egyptian "Eye of Ra"; and a movie poster for "Aeon Flux".

There are dozens if not hundreds of corporate logos which present modified versions of the "all-seeing eye"...also referred to as the "Eye of Ra" or the "Eye of Horus". Below are some examples.

Top to bottom: America Online, Time Warner...a bit further down, ICON Entertainment, and LucasArts.

The Time Warner logo is depicting the "Eye of Ra" occult symbol, by virtue of that line that comes swooping down beneath the 'eye' (compare it to the Eye of Ra presentation above).

ICON Entertainment and LucasArts (below) on the other hand, are examples of the eye/triangle combo version of the "all-seeing eye" symbol. And these two logos also give you a good idea of the subtle (and one could even say 'sneaky') modifications that are often incorporated in an apparent attempt to disguise the symbol.
ICON Entertainment

By that I mean...notice with these two logos (ICON and LucasArts) how, in both instances, the "eye" is rather slyly tilting into the corner, to create a rough approximation of a triangle/eye combination. Also, notice the visual misdirection of the LucasArts logo, whereby the stick figure 'man' with the uplifted arms is all that most people will ever notice.


Don't be so quick, by the way, to dismiss these symbol displays in various corporate logos, as "nothing". As a Bible-believer and as someone who should attempt to discern the world around you....even at this early stage of the examination, consider the possibility of a connection between the rich and the powerful of this world..and the "world spirit" himself. Follow along in reading through this information and I believe you'll begin to realize and understand the full significance.

Again, you are going to see a wide variety of modifications with these occult symbols. This sort of thing is considered 'par for the course' in the occult world. After all, the very word "occult" means "secret" or "hidden". It is the objective of any true disguise and to hide his occult affiliation.

Having said that, the following Michael Smith CD cover is quite troubling. The title of this particular Smith CD is -- "I2(EYE)".

Notice in the background, a shaded triangle (behind Smith's photo), and at the one corner of the triangle (not as easy to see)...there is the title in red letters-- I2(EYE) .

Triangle+EYE...get it? Granted, this eye/triangle occult symbol is being presented in a coded fashion...but that, I believe, only makes this more ominous.

By itself, we might brush off this CD cover design as coincidental. But in context...having previously observed the other occult symbolism, this becomes very significant. (I have also wondered why the bottom part of the photo has been torn off, and what that missing portion might reveal, since it was obviously a deliberate tear.)

Below, for additional comparison to the Smith CD: Yet another example of the Eye of Ra in a 'triangle' setting.

And by the way...while we're on the subject of "eyes" which have been depicted tilting subtly into a corner for the purpose of creating an approximated triangle/eye presentation...notice once again, Smith's 1986 album "The Big Picture"...this time the front side of the album:

Notice how one of the child's eyes has been obscured in the shadows, and how the remaining eye has been positioned into one of the corners of the picture frame. Makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.


I've detected yet another thing like this from Smith. Actually a friend pointed out the visual clue (on the cover of a Smith DVD) and I did some research to verify the significance of it.

Take a look at the cover of this Smith DVD-- Look carefully at the hair on his forehead: There appears to be a deliberate structuring of these three prongs of hair. It certainly looks like a "creative" Tyr presentation being displayed on Smith’s forehead. There is nothing dogmatic here but as I as I have said...keep in mind the context of what we have already looked at. He seems to be tilting his head slightly down and to the left. The 'prong' shaping seems quite deliberate, to be honest.

This "Tyr" symbolism makes an appearance at yet another Michael W. Smith website --

Rocketown is a direct arm and a creation of the Smith organization. It was named after one of his songs. Again, I normally wouldn't pay much attention to something that could easily be passed off as an 'arrow'. But in context I would say this is rather obviously another Tyr presentation.

For comparison, below we see another Tyr symbol (which I acquired from an occult site): 

Teiwaz Rune TYR ("T")

I say again-- One of the things you learn in studying occult symbolism is that devotees come up with all kinds of creative 'modification'. You have already seen some of this and will see many more examples as you go along here.

These modifications are done for a combination of reasons: To afford a certain degree of "deniability" and/or to flat-out disguise/conceal the symbol being used.

For example, thinking back to Smith's "Christmastime" CD...even though many occult experts and occultists recognize Smith's 'rune posing' on the cover of this actuality the undercarriage of the wicker chair he is standing on forms only an approximation of the runic "M".

Therefore, in the same way a broad range of variances in cursive or printed writing of the English language can still be routinely deciphered by even an average reader...the occult symbolism and messages are NOT lost on those who know what to look for, despite some of the variations and modifications.

In fact, I have gotten the distinct impression there is almost a kind of competition to see who can come up with the most ingenious modifications and disguises for these symbols. You'll see more of this shortly.

Moving along: Yet another coded occult symbol is currently displayed (as of December '07) at the official Michael W.Smith
. It is the so-called "infinity" symbol. It looks like a sideways number "8" and is normally associated with mathematical concepts. Though it is not as well known for its occult significance as, say, the Eye of Horus or the Broken Cross (Peace symbol) is a clearly established occult symbol nonetheless.

Below, you see an example of the ancient occult Alchemy symbol for brimstone. It incorporates both the Double Cross of Lorraine, as well as the Infinity symbol. Both are occult symbols in their own right.

By the way, the corporate logos for Nabisco and Exxon also both utilize the Cross of Lorraine in their design....providing yet another indication that occultism (Luciferianism) is a religion/cult for the elite, the rich, the powerful. Of course, the study of occult symbolism in hundreds of corporate logos, Hollywood logos, and in many other another whole world in itself. This will be touched on throughout this report.

Back to our examination of Smith: Below is yet another occult depiction of the infinity symbol--on a Tarot card referred to as "The Magician". And below that, the 2007 Christmas CD from Smith which, as you see, incorporates the infinity symbol twice. Currently, this CD is
advertised at the website design (although the site is frequently altered).


Finally, any examination of Michael Smith is not complete until we've taken a closer look at Smith's youth club, Rocketown, located in Smith's hometown of Nashville. He and the staff of Rocketown have consistently represented this place to be a Christian-oriented "safe haven" where Christian parents can send their kids for wholesome and uplifting entertainment.

In light of the evidence to the absolute contrary, it is astounding to me that Smith and his people get away with this.

The fact of the matter is that Rocketown has hosted a long list of overtly satanic rock bands. I repeat-- Michael W. Smith's Rocketown (about a 20 minute drive from Smith's home outside Nashville) has hosted a huge array of overtly satanic rock bands which feature pornographic, satanic, and hardcore obscenity-laced lyrics in their songs.

If you're having trouble believing this--in just a moment I am going to link you to a Christian website that has specifically focused on researching Rocketown. There you will be able to document for yourself the true nature and character of these many satanic rock bands, and read a number of excerpts from their gut-wrenching, perverted, satanic song lyrics. I couldn't even bear to place them directly in this report. You'll have to link over there and see it for yourself.

As of this writing, I have yet to quite figure out just how Rocketown has pulled this off. It may be a sign of the times, that Christian 'discernment' is so utterly lacking. But there also appears to be some rather skillful misdirection going on-- misleading public statements from Smith and other staff members which give the impression this place is just short of being a Sunday School picnic club, or something.

Here are some samples of the many astonishingly horrendous, blood-soaked "posters" which advertise the concerts being held at Rocketown on a regular basis:

Starting with the top poster (left)-- "Gore" (with some sort of grotesque 'demon-child' depicted)? "Kill Whitney Dead"? "Bloodwake"? What in the world is going on here??! And in the bottom row (on the left)...there's something about seeing a depiction of a young woman with a chain plunged into her head, a meathook coming out of the front of her face, and a slashed and bloody throat (the "Promised Threat" poster)...that doesn't make me think about the message of salvation.

To the right of that--if you look at the Lokyata poster for a concert which was recently held at Rocketown (in 2007) will notice unfortunately in the upper right corner of this poster, a photo which is blatantly suggestive of sexual behavior.

I would ask Michael Smith-- What IS this? What ARE you doing at Rocketown? Why WOULD you allow or promote such things?

The problem is-- he has been asked. Rocketown has been approached. There has been no response. Below is the official logo for "Goatblaster"--one of the specific rock bands to have performed at Rocketown--

This is a satanic band, with a blatantly satanic logo, a satanic pentagram, a satanic goat's head, and with satanic, pornographic song lyrics...AND...they perform at Rocketown. I would ask fellow believers to discern something here. Please discern something.

You can read about this particular band at the research website I had mentioned. Here then is the link:

As I had described, a fellow researcher and friend of mine has put together a study of Rocketown and has posted a lengthy analysis at his site. He displays dozens of examples of these Rocketown advertising posters with all these obscene, perverted, occult-tinged (or worse) rock bands being promoted. He then takes an up close and personal look at the members of these bands, and provides a number of excerpts from the song lyrics. It is not for the faint-of-heart.

It raises the question as to just how closely we should actually look at these evil goings-on. My friend's "look" is a little too close for me! But you decide whether to at least browse through.

As I stated at the outset, there is a huge story behind all of this. I can tell you there are many more examples of this kind of covert occultism in Evangelical church circles and organizations. Whatever is going on here in regard to Michael W. Smith, whatever the full story may be…I hope the reader can, at this early stage, at least concede that something extremely ominous and diabolical is indeed evident here.

In fact, there are indications of many potential Luciferians who seem to have deliberately inserted themselves into conservative Christian culture. Many of these are names you would recognize. In my next chapter I will be presenting evidence connected to Christian pop singer and TV host, Al Denson (and now on the faculty of Liberty University)…as well as (hold on to your hat) author/teacher Kay Arthur.

At another of my blogs (I currently have three) I do some in-depth analysis of TobyMac -- LINK.


Again-- some folks have wondered whether all this occult symbolism is possibly being displayed without Smith's (or Denson’s or Arthur’s) knowledge.

You can certainly press that question to your satisfaction. One thing to keep in mind-- if we were to theorize that Smith, Arthur or Denson have not been personally involved in all of this, we're still looking at evidence of a huge infiltration of satanists into the church world.

Think about it. Either it is Smith, TobyMac, Denson and Arthur (and hundreds like them) army of 'infiltrators' who have somehow been able to surround them without their knowledge. Either way, this is an extremely serious situation.

If you choose to read more extensively through the research material I provide, you will see that I too consider all possibilities, as I encounter these many scenarios. For now, I will make a long story short and say that…there are a number of reasons this "not-personally-involved" theory doesn't hold up too well. One of the factors to consider:

In researching the occult world, it becomes apparent that it is very much a point of pride among occultists that they undergo this flag-flying and self-identification process.

An intrinsic part of occultism display coded symbolism. It is literally a part of their culture. One gets the distinct impression, it is almost as though they are vying as to who can be the most daring...or the most creative in sending these messages of allegiance to their master, Lucifer.

Therefore, as you go along in this research of the occult world you begin to realize there is a likelihood the occultists would be very reluctant to misidentify someone as a faithful Luciferian who was not such (as a prank, or whatever)...and thus cause confusion and a weakening and devaluing of their whole "self-identification" culture.

The other fact to consider: If only fellow occultists (with a very few exceptions) are recognizing the significance of the symbolism…(think about it)…where is there any purpose in mis-identifying or mis-labeling someone who is a non-Luciferian? No one would suffer damage to their credibility or reputation...simply because the general community isn't recognizing any of the symbolism in the first place.

Nevertheless we need always to proceed with caution...keeping in mind this kind of research can have a very subjective element to it. And I realize this is only a very short synopsis of the situation. You’ll want to continue reading to obtain a wider perspective.


The pressing question here is…as to why these hidden occultists are engaging in a very strange, very concerted effort to infiltrate American conservative church culture. I would argue the broad biblical/theological answer is simple—the Devil seeks to deceive those of us who are Bible-based believers in the last days.

But I would like to get into a more specific explanation regarding this scenario. There is a long answer and a short answer.

The long answer is what you will be looking at over the next many chapters. I try to explain what is my understanding of how this satanic infiltration plays a key role in the Devil's geopolitical strategy for world domination. 

[Edit as of 12/6/2020 -- The above words were originally penned 14 years ago. We now see the globalists moving into high gear and on the verge of achieving their long sought global regime. I go into depth about what I currently see going this link -- The Sinister Agenda Behind the Corona Virus.]

As we will see, this extraordinary infiltration of the Christian community is very important in his scheme of things. We will need to span the globe in a search for the evidence.

The short answer is found in Jesus' statements in the Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24 (also Mark 13 and Luke 22). 

Quite simply, a "trap" is being set. For those few Evangelicals and/or fundamentalists for whom the Olivet Discourse is not some sort of strange off-limits 'mystery zone' can clearly see how, in that passage (Matthew 24--as well as in Mark and Luke) Jesus provides us with a very straightforward answer:

In anticipation of a time of panic and confusion which occurs at a particular point in the 'last days'...these covert occultists (referred to as "false prophets" in the Olivet Discourse) have pre-positioned themselves within the church community in order to lure millions of erstwhile Christ-followers to their doom...straight through the gates of Hell. A tragedy of immense proportions:

"At that time, many will turn away from the faith...but [only] he who stands firm to the end will be saved" (Matthew 24:10,13)

It will turn out there are many "believers" who were never genuine believers to begin with. As is pointed out in the Book of James, there are two kinds of believers - there are the believers who have eternal life...and there are the believers who do not have eternal life. Recall the admonition of James 2:19:

"You say you believe in the one God? You do well. The devils believe also...and tremble."

My understanding of Jesus' words in the Olivet Discourse is that there will be many who have populated the church world who will simply presume to have salvation...but when serious persecution breaks out all over the world in the last hours of human history (which has long since begun by the way) including here in America...

...the majority of believers ("fair weather" believers, as will become apparent) will increasingly be drawn into full-blown apostasy by these highly deceptive false agents (or "false prophets" as Jesus calls them) and then tragically will go on to their eternal doom.

As Jesus clarifies in the Discourse "the love of most will grow cold". And so we see here an amazing phenomenon whereby there will be many who at one time literally loved the Lord...but then, in the manner described in the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:21), these many erstwhile "believers" will fall away when confronted with persecution and tribulation.


Please consider carefully for a moment...the shocking implications of Jesus' words in the Olivet Discourse:

He is telling us that in the last days there will be those in Christian leadership who are thought of and recognized only as "Christians" but who are, behind the scenes, literally satanic...literal satanists.

They will be perceived as true prophets but will be, in reality, false prophets.

Another thing that needs to be carefully recognized: These false prophets will be at the top levels of leadership. They will have access to the top platforms. Otherwise how would they be able to reach the entire Christian community?

Matthew 24:11: "Many false prophets will arise and mislead many".

The question becomes: How could you or I be fooled into believing a satanist is a "devout Christian"? I explain this as we go further along. But I say again, please consider these matters carefully. The danger is that many of us might think we cannot be fooled. We may think we are 'unfoolable'.


If you could just think along with me briefly during this last section of the chapter, I've given a LOT of thought as to why so much of the Bible-believing world has had the wool pulled over their eyes...and have not noticed these momentous 'goings-on' happening right under our noses:

First of all (and again) this has much to do with the massive neglect and obscuring of the Olivet Discourse. Therefore, 99.9% of mainstream Evangelicals have virtually zero awareness of, for example, the reality of "false prophets".

Proverbs 29:18 states "without a vision, the people perish". Today's church-goers have been robbed of the grand, panoramic 'vision' of worldwide end-time events provided by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse.

The idea, for example, that there might be top Christian leaders who are covertly an ABSOLUTELY foreign concept in the conservative American church.

It seems obvious to me, the reason for this is that the central passage which addresses this phenomenon, the Olivet Discourse, is a virtually 'forbidden' Scripture.

I am going to get very deeply into this subject. In fact, my "Chapter Ten" deals exclusively with matters relating to the Olivet Discourse.


For some reason, many conservative Christians have somehow forgotten that the "spirit of the world" (i.e. the Devil) is the designer and architect of this world system and that its major deception.

In fact, his deception skills are presented as one of his central features in the Bible -- in Revelation 12:9 he is described as "the one who deceives the whole world...".

It doesn't seem to occur to folks that...the Devil CAN distort the history books of the world and CAN distort the news reporting.

The fact is--the Devil exerts sweeping control over his "cosmos" (world system), according to 1John 5:19. "We know that the whole world is under the control of the evil one". God has temporarily allowed him this control. In Matthew 4, Satan is described as the owner and controller of all earthly kingdoms. In other words, his world system. He is the designer, owner, and operator of this world sytem.

But somehow, Christians in America have gotten the idea the US of A is an exception...that the Devil controls and owns all the kingdoms of the world except America. It's the "American Exceptionalism" mindset...very, very close to almost a cultic orientation. As though America is some kind of "magic land".

Though many conservative Christians will complain occasionally about a "liberal bias" that slants the news reporting, in reality most of them are vastly underestimating the Devil's ability to create sweeping distortions and falsehoods, far beyond mere 'slanting'. He has created huge lies, far beyond what most people realize. When you're in the Devil's backyard (which is what this entire world system is) he can, indeed, create a lot of illusions and deceptions...whether in America or elsewhere.

And though this may sound somewhat controversial for the moment...reading the Bible and praying regularly don't, by themselves, act as a magic pill to dispel some of these deceptions. There is yet a third ingredient that must be added, and which is prescribed by Jesus Himself. Let me to clarify:

Jesus has stated clearly and repeatedly...yes, take heed of His word...yes, remain prayerful...BUT ALSO...we are instructed to keep a close and careful watch on world events and conditions. We are to become 'world-watchers'.

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus punctuates His descriptions of the world in the 'end times' with the instruction to "watch and pray"...and "when you see all these things..." (referring to the various end time events which Jesus describes there).

You simply CANNOT bury your head in the sand regarding ongoing world events...without taking the risk of coming under the influence of these satanic deception schemes which are in the works. Jesus instructs us to engage in intensive 'world-watching' with good reason

Allow me to illustrate: In recent years, it has become a routine 'concession' from the mainstream of the media and academia that the so-called "Gulf of Tonkin incident" was a lie and a fabrication.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident was used to justify America's entry into the bloody Vietnam war in which 58,000 American boys and a million Vietnamese citizens died. But after years of cover-up and due almost entirely to the pressure brought on by "alternative" is now routinely acknowledged across the board that this Gulf of Tonkin scenario was a "false flag" operation..a huge lie. And that the Vietnam war was a completely fruitless effort.

Now...would Bible study and prayer have caused the deceptions involved with this incident to go away with a "poof"?

Think about it: Bible study by itself and apart from Jesus' prescription to "watch and pray" (along with remaining immersed in the study of Scripture)...would not give you the power to see through the lies of these apparently corrupt US military and political leaders.

And even at that, we still may not be able nor have the time to go around unraveling each and every falsehood generated by this world system. But what is important is that we recognize the specific deceptions which Jesus warns of in the Olivet Discourse.


When you follow the trail of evidence, starting with the indications of extraordinary satanic infiltration of Evangelicalism...this is where it leads:

To an uncovering of a centuries-old satanic scheme (i.e. conspiracy) to gain global domination. Which, again, is the central focus of this entire e-book.

We should not be surprised over Lucifer's capability of rewriting history books. Notice how the Devil has gone to extremes in attempting to obscure the historical facts of Jesus' resurrection from the tomb. And all the other historical realities related to God's Son coming to earth in human form. 

For example, secular historians who were contemporaries of Jesus have noted the darkness which came over the earth at the time of Christ's crucifixion, evidence which a satanically controlled secular academia has brushed past and covered up. On and on we could go.

As another example, how has the Devil been able to obscure the evidence regarding these bizarre non-human (or half-human) "giants" who walked the earth in olden times according to Genesis? 

When you get to Chapter 17 of this e-book, you will see there is literally globe-spanning archaeological evidence. I recount some of my personal experiences investigating the archaeological evidence for these beings, including conversations I have had with curators who in unguarded moments admitted to me they have the remains of 12 to 14 foot tall humanoid giants stored in their vaults! Amazing stuff. 

How about the JFK assassination cover-up? How about the cover-up regarding the Pearl Harbor attack? How about 9-11? I may be getting ahead of myself for some folks. I delve deeply into some of these topics later on. 

And how has the Devil caused millions to 'believe' in atheism, evolution, the pseudo-morality of abortion, Marxism, the Hunduism, Scientology, or many other things?

If Russian schoolchildren could be made to believe huge propaganda lies about the "wonders" of Communism and the "heroism" of Stalin and Lenin...why couldn't the same happen in America? In fact, it HAS happened--atheistic evolution theorism, as one example, is successfully foisted on millions in this country.

Some might argue--"But they couldn't get away with telling lies about our nation's history and its politics." Why not? They "got away" with the Gulf of Tonkin. They've "gotten away" with claiming "weapons of mass destruction" in justifying the Iraq War.


Ironically and in an interestingly sub-conscious fashion...most Americans, on the one hand, seemingly swallow whole the sanctioned Evening News from the top TV networks...on the other hand, statistics show that most Americans simultaneously believe there is in fact a hidden history...that our country and our government are covertly run from the proverbial "smoke-filled rooms" by some sort of "old boys network".

The Devil CAN rewrite history...and he HAS re-written history. In fact, that is the main satanic objective--creating a false 'cover story' regarding the world and the universe.

The Bible is God's story. The Devil's world system is churning out a set of counterclaims.

The simple (and biblical) fact is that the Devil has an enormous and astonishing ability to deceive. The big mistake many or most believers believing they have a general immunity from this deception:

1) The Bible says we are very much susceptible if we don't take certain precautions...and 2) some of the Devil's deceptions don't even really relate to the spiritual dimension--many of his deceptions are just flat-out lies and misdirection regarding world events...such as the aforementioned "Gulf of Tonkin" false flag fraud.

I would dare say you could be a very fine and godly individual...and still have innocently believed the news reports of the day regarding an alleged attack upon US warships from North Vietnamese gunboats.

It is not an exaggeration to say the world we live in...this world system we live simply a HUGE patchwork quilt of lies...lie after lie after lie. Fortunately, in the Information Age we now have some very sizable examples which can be readily referenced...and which I get into if you read further.

The bottom line is that we live in a context of deception. We live surrounded (as it were) by four walls of lies and a ceiling of lies. The entire world system is designed around and built for...satanic deception.

When I think back...I wonder how I ever missed this fact. The Bible fairly trumpets the warnings about the deceptions of Satan's world system.


But getting back to the specific subject of these false prophets for the moment: Many folks might respond with--"But if we're spiritually 'tuned in' we will discern the falseness of these false prophets who come along in the last days. We will 'know them by their fruit."

But wait. Do you know very many of the top Christian leaders personally? Have you spent time with them when they're away from the public eye? You can't claim to "know" someone and to have discerned their "spirit fruit" simply from observing their public persona...their stage persona. Seriously.

And by the way, let us indeed look at their fruit. Have you seen the sad state of affairs with many super-churches sprinkled across the land (mainly here in the US)? They consist of tens and hundreds of thousands if not millions who expect "bread and circuses". We have long, long since reached the stage where the people "heap teachers unto themselves, having itching ears" -- LINK. Tell me I'm wrong.

Remember what I am arguing here: You can't just breezily dismiss the warnings of the Olivet Discourse regarding "false prophets"...with some sort of flippant, cavalier attitude - "Ha! I can spot a false prophet from a mile away".

How a Christian celebrity musician or preacher behaves when they're out in public and how they behave in their private lives may be two dramatically different we should know by now. Recall the tragic Ted Haggard scenario, as one of many examples.

In my own personal experience (and possibly there are any number of readers here who are aware of similar scenarios) I happen to have direct knowledge regarding the private life of one very prominent "Christian" leader whose name almost anyone would recognize. I'll just say--it is not pretty. But his public image...his public persona are all 'sweetness and light'.


One way or the other, Jesus' words and Jesus' predictions about the emergence of these false prophets and about the huge deception which will be successfully perpetrated upon erstwhile Christ-followers...ARE absolutely true and accurate.

Therefore, keep your ears perked at the very least, for any "instructions" from "Christian leaders" to follow them on journeys which end up in "desert places" and/or "inner rooms" as is warned of in Matthew 24!

If you don't like some of my initial attempts here to explain how this may be in the process of taking place...then seek your own explanations...because this IS going to happen...there IS going to be vast and widespread deception perpetrated upon the conservative Bible-believing church community in the last days.

In fact, these wolves have come amongst us already. Matthew 24 is happening at this very moment...and that's what this online book is about.

As I had pointed out, Jesus commands us to "watch and pray" engage in a close, careful, shrewd scrutiny of the world around us. The is the absolutely critical missing element with most church-goers today.

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus provides broad descriptions of huge worldwide political power struggles, along with other ongoing troubles (famines, earthquakes, etc.)...and the whole thrust of His comments are to stay on the keep our eyes trained on the horizons for the onset of these events which He takes such care to describe.

According to the Lord Jesus Himself, watching and praying become the first order of business in regard to combating these deceptions.

Ironically and tragically, many otherwise enthusiastic 'Bible study' proponents know next to nothing about the Olivet Discourse in which Jesus has carefully and painstakingly pointed out the pitfalls and dangers of the 'end times'. This almost universal neglect of Matthew 24 (Mark 13 and Luke 21 also) is a very strange and tragic phenomenon.


With Jesus having plainly stated over and over that we are to carefully keep watch for these do we become effective 'world watchers'? How do we begin to see through some of the deceptions?

We can start by turning away from listening to (i.e. heeding) the official 'mouthpieces' of this satanic world system in which we live.

(I hasten to add: I still 'monitor' some of these sources, to see what are the latest propaganda ploys and deceptions.)

Ask the question--If the Devil is the architect of the "cosmos" (i.e. the world system)...if he has carefully crafted and designed his system from the ground up...and if, as the Scriptures clearly point out, Satan's agenda, first, middle and all about deception...

...might we then consider having a very cautious approach to most or all of the "officially sanctioned" information sources...those that enjoy widespread official endorsement and acceptance...those that are given access to all the major communication platforms, whether 'left' or 'right' on the "political" spectrum?

I would recommend seeking out independent, non-affiliated, non-corporate, non-"elite-connected" researchers, reporters and investigators. They're all over the Internet, for one thing. Of course, the Web is itself a veritable jungle, but at least there is a chance of finding "the facts behind the facades".

For example, there were "whistleblowers" in the very earliest days after the Gulf of Tonkin incident...but back in 1964 how could you have ever become aware of their testimony if it wasn't being reported through the corporate-owned, elite-controlled news media?

But now, in this the "Information Age", there is a fairly well established array of reliable "alternative media". Finding these solid sources however, can be fairly tricky--the 'bad guys' frequently engage in deliberate disinformation.

Below, a small sampling of some of my preferred info sources:

Lew Rockwell

Global Research

The above two websites are very effective at peeling back the layers of deception coming from the mainstream media and the various governments (principally the US government) themselves. Granted, a sizable percentage of Lew Rockwell's columnists are committed Catholics and are therefore going to have some problems ultimately in achieving a biblically correct world view, in my opinion.

Global Research is technically 'left-leaning' but both of these sites expose the evils of (satanic) globalism, i.e. the schemes of the Antichrist cabal.


The above website is doing a wonderful job of tracking and documenting some emerging false doctrines in the Evangelical church world. Use the website's own search engine to track any recent comments or positions of well-known leaders on the Christian scene. Granted, I have substantial disagreement with them on some points. There is no perfect Internet source, by the way. A few other sources are seen below. "Want-To-Know", for example, ultimately has a very "New-Age"-ish philosophical basis. But they do extremely good work in exposing some things.



The Daily Sheeple

Jesus instructs us in the Olivet Discourse to "watch...and pray" and ultimately, the answer to questions about these satanic "false prophets" / "wolves in sheep's clothing" globe-spanning in its implications.

I really believe therefore that, as Jesus stipulates in Matthew 24, one must literally have an accurate understanding of world politics in order to decipher the full extent of what this covert infiltration is all about. If you know your Bible, you know that any satanic strategy…is ultimately a geopolitical strategy.

In a very unexpected and diabolically ingenious way, this Evangelical/Charismatic/fundamentalist infiltration phenomenon ties into a global domination scheme.

In preparation for what lies ahead in this book, I have been delving a bit into the subject of "geopolitics". We will shortly dive in head first into this subject...and try to understand more fully this whole "hidden Luciferians" phenomenon and how this all ties in to Jesus' predictions regarding the Devil's geopolitical strategies in the 'end times'.

Following my analysis of Denson and Arthur, I will then attempt to go back through history and show evidence of a centuries-old pattern of covert occultism right here in America and elsewhere....and try to demonstrate how all of this relates directly to the 'end times' scenarios of Bible prophecy

For the moment though...allow me to put the focus back on this astonishing and deadly serious advisory from Jesus:

He states unequivocally that many who have been His followers throughout life will, in the last days "turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other" (Matt. 24: 10)...and that furthermore only "he who stands firm to the end will be saved".

(I personally believe in the "once saved-always saved" doctrine--but from the human vantage point we can only fully confirm our own personal salvation status over a lifetime of faithful following.)

One of my main goals for this online "book" has been to try to do something to resist this huge deception give fellow Jesus-followers a "heads up".


Another thing to keep in mind before we look at more research material: No matter how dark the storm clouds on the horizon…we have no need for worry or anxiety. No need to fear or fret. That is the promise (and the offer) of the Scriptures:

"In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world." --John 16:33

I will admit—the darker this world becomes, the more amazing are these admonitions in the Bible to “fear nothing” “be anxious for nothing”...or “let not your heart be troubled”...etc. But the literal truth of the matter is that no matter what trials or tribulation might befall us, the promise of Scripture is that God will “provide a way…that we may be able to bear up...” under it and through it.

It reminds me of a song we sang hundreds of times throughout my ‘youth group’ years: “Through it all…I’ve learned to trust in Jesus…I’ve learned to depend upon His Word”.


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INTRODUCTION: Connecting current events to "end times" a way you've never seen before.

CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Luciferians in American culture, politics, academia...and in the Evangelical community.

CHAPTER TWO: The Kay Arthur/ Al Denson/ Robert Schuller/ Star Trek/ Oprah Winfrey Connection??

CHAPTER THREE: A Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FOUR: An Even Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FIVE: 9/11--Some Parting Shots.

CHAPTER SIX: A Closer Look At The Bush Family.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Entering the Netherworld.

CHAPTER NINE: Hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease...and more.

CHAPTER TEN: The Pre-Trib Rapture Problem.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: A Grand Tour of the Devil's Crime Syndicate.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Part Two of the Grand Tour.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Part Three--Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Part Four--More Wolves.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate--Part Two


CONCLUSION: "Happily Ever After".