CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Part Four--More Wolves?

Chapter contents:
Janet Parshall...Benny Hinn...Tim LaHaye...Leo Taxil..."ILumina"...subliminal treachery...
SPECIAL SECTION: A closer look at the "mark of the beast" ...Russo and Rockefeller...Rick Warren...Saddleback church.


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Continuing this whirlwind tour, I mention in passing nationally syndicated Christian radio talkshow host
Janet Parshall.

Larger image

Parshall is another of those individuals for whom one might certainly have some interesting questions. She is a ‘Christian’ political commentator who has played a leading role in aggressively backing the entire Illuminati agenda of world domination and a full-blown police state here in the U.S.

Looking at the evidence from her website banner (shown above) there are at least three occult symbols depicted. (There is a bit more to say about Parshall later.)

At the very least, I’m tired of so-called Christian leaders who are promoting the Illuminati’s world of war and bloodshed...and who are also flashing pentagon, pentagram, "all-seeing eye" occult symbols (if you look closely) and such, in their publications and websites. Whether or not this symbolism is accidental...then certainly her call for bloodshed and Orwellian government is very much by design.


In the previous chapter, another researcher pointed out Hinn's usage of very Masonic-like teachings regarding the "I AM" which Hinn literally encourages his followers to chant "I AM". He is suspected by some, of having Masonic affiliation.

Take a look at the official logo for Benny Hinn Ministries (below).

The problem with most of the 'super-slick' Charismatic TV preachers (the ones with the private jets and mansions on multiple continents) that they invariably have these, at best, enigmatic logos. What is this bird thing? I suppose we're to believe it's just a dove. To me, there is something very predatory-looking about it.

And then there is, what appears to be...a "triple cross" incorporated into the design. The triple cross is one of the main
Templar Knights symbols.

On the left: Benny Hinn Ministries logo. Right: Templar Knights symbolism.

Having said that, Hinn does have strange and mysterious semi-secret associations with Templar Knights. He interacts with this group in regard to various things having to do with Israeli politics.

I would argue that careful students of the Bible who have been scouring the geopolitical scene should be well aware there is going to be treacherous betrayal of the Jewish people living in the Middle East in the end times....and that this betrayal process seems to be in formation right now. According to Jesus' descriptions in the Olivet Discourse, a veritable holocaust is to be unleashed by the forces of Antichrist.

It is therefore a sad and strange thing to watch many of the leading "Evangelicals" in America engaging in a very aggressive "Israel-can-do-no-wrong" hyper-Zionism.

I strongly suspect this weird "moral exceptionalism" which has been conferred upon the Israeli government by a large contingent of (mostly duped...but also a number of whom are flat-out satanic) religious leaders...that this has been specifically designed by Antichrist strategists to eventually create a monstrous and deadly backlash against Israel and its Jewish inhabitants.

Here are descriptions of Hinn's interactions with Knights Templar "Grand Commander" Andrew White.

At this point I haven't looked any more closely at the Benny Hinn scenario but...he is clearly a part of this Evangelical 'lock-step' pro-"Israeli government" movement.


Tim LaHaye is a 'person of interest' in this research study, mainly because he is, far and away, the world's number one promoter of Pretribulation Rapturism.

LaHaye first caught my attention with his strangely vehement, insulting expressions towards certain opponents of PreTrib, in his book "No Fear of the Storm"...particularly towards Robert VanKampen who has, along with Marvin Rosenthal, done an excellent job of
highlighting the tragic flaws of Pretribulationism.

I am also here, passing along testimony--firsthand accounts from a close family member of mine who worked with LaHaye, regarding stunningly pronounced "split personality" behavior on his part. I take these to be credible reports. The person describing this behavior didn't even know what he/she was looking at--they only knew how to describe it.

By the way of a quick tangent--this reminds me of something I saw on the old Tom Synder show...a very late night (1AM) TV talk show. This was back in the 80's and Snyder's guest was Robert Schuller. I don't remember exactly what Schuller was unhappy about but I remember being shocked at this complete departure from his ultra-serene, ultra-beatific Sunday morning personality...into an unrecognizable persona:

There was this raw, unhinged bitterness and anger spewing out of the man, along with foul language. At the time, I had no concept of 'split personalities' or 'alters'..but now I believe that's what I was probably observing. I could barely believe my eyes and I wondered how and why Synder could overlook this bizarre transformation.

Back to the subject: Upon closer examination, LaHaye's publications, websites, books, affiliations, and personal statements...are a world of occult indicators.

Maybe in the pre-Internet world, someone might hope to be able to get away with, for example, the book cover seen above. Those days are over, however. This is a huge, bristling, satanic "Templar Knights" occult symbol we're looking at on this LaHaye book cover. The Templar Knights are a modern-day Masonic organization...a secret society comprised of elite Freemasons.

In fact, the Templar Knight's luciferian essence can be traced back to the Middle Ages, and this symbolism (according to occult insiders and researchers), was originally intended as an offensively sacrilegious and obscene representation, with phallic and "yoni" imagery. (Notice how the base of the crown is presented at an angle to create the yoni shape.)

How in the world could this symbol have been placed on the cover, by accident? This is an absolutely distinctive occult and 'Masonic society' symbol which is not utilized for any other purpose whatsoever...other than to indicate allegiance to occultism and/or the modern-day Knights Templar organization...the Knights Templar being a direct relation to the Freemasons.

Was LaHaye not aware of this being an occult symbol? As we go through all the evidence of secretive occult symbolism, occult terminology and disturbing "subliminals" associated with LaHaye materials, you can begin to form your own views.

In my opinion, there is little chance this book cover is an 'accident'. Little chance that such a distinctive and well-known symbol was accidentally utilized. This has been the Knights Templar symbol for hundreds and hundreds of years.

By the time you have worked your way through about a dozen more indicators connected to LaHaye, whatever you may want to think of the man personally, it should seem abundantly clear that, at the very least, occultists and occultism are operating in close proximity to Mr. LaHaye.


Two other groups (both with Masonic connections) have utilized this Templar Knights symbolism. Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which one can suspect of being a pet project of the Illuminati...given Russell’s high-ranking status in the Masons…and given our overall biblical perspective on the satanic deception of cults like this. And the same goes for Christian Science.

Above, you can see a Jehovah's Witnesses pamphlet and above that the Masonic/satanic memorial to Charles Taze Russell (at Rosemont United Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA)...which also incorporates the Templar Knights symbolism.

Here you see the logo for Christian Science:

Notice again, more symbolism coming from Benny Hinn...which is very reminiscent of Templar symbolism, particularly in the context of other indicators from Hinn:

Look for this particular logo displayed currently (as of 11/1/2009) on the Hinn website home page.

Unfortunately, you will see a lot of this 'tilted cross' business (and with a circle or yoni-like shape in close proximity) in Christian literature and websites, etc. Some of it may be inadvertent..some of it may not. There is evidence of Templar symbolism in relation to "C28" Christian retail stores. See the end section of this chapter.

Here is yet another suspected example of veiled symbolism on one of Tim LaHaye's books...the so-called "Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible".

Below--a closer look at the "seal" on this book cover:

There might be the initial inclination on the part of dismiss a "mere" Star of David, but in the context created by the conspicuous Templar Knights symbolism, and in the context of all this other covert luciferianism in the church world...we really should look very carefully at this:

Even though most of us would associate this symbol with the Israeli flag, interestingly the double triangle hexagram is also a clearly established satanic symbol. And it certainly has no connection to the Bible.

So...where have we seen this kind of thing before--an occult symbol doubling as a "national" symbol? Recall the occult symbolism incorporated into US government flags, seals, architecture and so forth.

Hopefully the reader understands at this point--there is satanic intrigue going on in relation to various world governments and political movements. I'll have more to say about the nefarious aspects connected to the "re-birth" of modern-day Israel, in another chapter.

In any event, isn't it a little odd to put a double triangle hexagram on the cover of a "Bible"? In conjunction with LaHaye's Templar Knights symbolism...I hope some of your warning lights are flashing on.

Researchers have connected this particular symbol to kabbalistic satanism, a cult which dates back to possibly several centuries B.C. The double triangle symbolism also shows up on artifacts this far back in history...although, it didn't become identified as a "Jewish" symbol until the seventeenth century.

Therefore we are, in fact, looking at two occult symbols being displayed by LaHaye. Are both of these displays inadvertent?

And there are other aspects to LaHaye's hexagram: He has placed the symbol specifically inside double rings. I had previously explained the occult importance of these rings. This then is a virtual replication of the kabbalistic/satanic Star of David. This kabbalistic ringed (or multiply ringed) hexagram has been emulated throughout the occult world in various ways and in various manifestations. A couple of examples:

A coded hexagram is apparently also displayed on the One Dollar bill...along with a hidden anagram ("Mason"):

The seal on the US One Dollar bill may very well be one of the most famous occult symbols of all. Clearly, it’s origins can be traced to the Kabbalah culture.

So this then is also inadvertent on LaHaye’s part? What are the odds of someone deciding to slap a hexagram on the cover of the Bible (Lahaye’s Prophecy Study Bible) and then, by pure coincidence, place these signature kabbalistic double rings around this hexagram?

In the occult world, a ringed hexagram or pentagram is considered, among other things, a powerful demon-conjuring symbol. A witch will draw nine foot circles on the ground and then draw a hexagram inside the circles, in her ‘conjuring’ efforts.


Below--please take another even closer look at the "seal" on this book cover (and a Masonic Square and Compass for comparison):

At first glance, LaHaye has placed what appears to be an “Alpha” and “Omega” inside this hexagram, which we would normally associate with Christian doctrine.

Notice however, the unusual cross-bar in that “A” letter. Ask the question: If this is only a representation of the biblical "Alpha and Omega"...why then does he have, on the one hand, a correctly shaped "Omega"...and on the other hand, an "Alpha" with all kinds of odd features?

At this point, with two occult symbols under LaHaye's belt, I would argue this is nothing short of a 'smoking gun'. Reason being...this letter “A” with a V-shaped middle bar is a Masonic "A".

This stylized "A" pops up all over the Masonic world. That middle bar is meant to create a coded and veiled resemblance to the Masonic "square". Overall, this "A" then becomes a disguised presentation of the Square and Compass.

Notice above, how this crossbar on the letter "A" corresponds to the inside edge of the ‘square’ in the Masonic
“Compass and Square” symbol. I have drawn in yellow and red lines so you know what I am referring to.

This distinctive Masonic design of the letter "A" has not originated with LaHaye. It has been known to make appearances on antiquated letterheads from old corporate or banking institution documents...the kind of organizations one might expect to have secretive Masonic/occultist affiliations. Remember the coded symbolism on Bank of America's logo, for example (Chapter Eleven). Below, you see an example of this old-fashioned stylized letter "A" on a letterhead.


Even more telling is this next example: Leo Taxil, in the opinion of many, played the leading role in an ingenious disinformation hoax perpetrated by the Freemasons...which was designed to discredit the critics of Freemasonry.

In the mid 1880's, Taxil began publishing reports describing the alleged 'shocking horrors' of satanic practices among Freemasons (probably all true, by the way). He clung to his stories for over a decade, adding further charges along the way.

However, in 1897 he staged a garish, high-profile "confessional" press conference, where he "admitted" the whole thing was only a hoax...a prank on his part. This created a huge backlash against critics of Freemasonry. Most or all of them had been citing Taxil's reports and publications.

The whole thing was a tremendous boon to satanic Masons hidden within the core of the organization. To this very day, Mason apologists try to use the Taxil scenario to 'debunk' any sinister theories.

But there's one simple question most occult researchers have about "Taxil-gate"-- cui bono?-- i.e. who benefited? Looking at the big picture, it's quite obvious.


Getting back to my original point--in this Taxil scenario there is the following conclusive indicator which, again, involves this tell-tale Masonic "A" (see below):

Notice below, on the cover of this particular Leo Taxil publication (in which he describes Freemason 'horror stories') how they used a different font when printing Leo Taxil's name (remember the "font games" going on with the Michael Smith album cover?).

Here again we are seeing this conspicuously modified letter "A", with a crossbar that corresponds to the shape of a Compass and Square.

Therefore, the use of this distinctively Masonic Square and Compass "A" is a dead giveaway: It was the Freemasons' way of signaling to the Masonic "brethren" that Leo Taxil was 'in' on the whole thing...that this was a Freemason operation from start to finish.

Look closely at Leo Taxil's name as it has been printed on this book cover (inside the red box I have drawn in). Immediately below, you see a close-up view. This distinctive Masonic "A" is a smoking gun, in my view.


By the way, yet another troubling indicator...the website 'home page ' of Gospel singer David Phelps (see analysis in Chapter Thirteen) has seven or eight of these distinctive "A" letters. See below:


Getting back to this apparent "Alpha/Omega" presentation in LaHaye's hexagram: The "Omega" symbol also has a double meaning. It has significance in the doctrines of Kabbalah occultism.

Not only that...but it also has a specific relationship to kabbalistic hexagram symbolism. See two examples below:

You see the "Omega" symbol in both of these emblems. In Kabbalah doctrine, "Omega" is equated with the Tiphareth...a kabbalist (satanic) concept of "enlightenment".

On the left is the Madame Blavatsky emblem which incorporates both a swastika and a hexagram. This would seem to put a dent in the idea that this is a patriotic Jewish symbol. As I said, the double triangle hexagram has no legitimate historical connections to David or to the Bible. It is strictly the invention of occultists. To the right is another example of a hexagram. Here is a
link with research information.

Notice how Blavatsky, again similar to LaHaye, has two letters stacked on each other (her own initials) and placed inside the star.

Additionally, LaHaye also has a place for someone to sign their own name in his book…inside yet another hexagram. Recall the expression in English-- “to put a hex” on someone. Is that what is going on here? (And in the German language the very word for “witch” is the word “hexe”.)

If there is luciferian significance to these LaHaye book covers (mind-boggling though it is to consider such a thing) then I might as well go ahead and wonder out loud whether the brilliant light shining out from behind the seal…is possibly a representation of Lucifer.

That is, after all, the central claim of Luciferians—that their god is the one who brings illumination. Light symbolism is very common and very important with Luciferians. (The Statue of Liberty is a prime example.) The Bible, of course, has long ago predicted this luciferian angle—“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light...” (2 Corinthians 11:14)

While we’re on the subject of this illumination being depicted on LaHaye’s book cover: LaHaye actually has an "ILumina" edition of his Left Behind series. It is a software program version.

Before we take a closer look at this "ILumina" scenario, it should also be pointed out that Beverly LaHaye, the wife of Tim LaHaye...also seems to be depicting occult symbols on her publications. Her book, "A Different Kind of Strength: Rediscovering the Power of Being a Woman" has three of these "infinity" symbols right on the front cover:

Notice how the letter "A" in the title lettering has been given its own separate styling and then shaped into a modified infinity symbol. Also, behind the book title at the top of the cover, a much larger version of the symbol. And then, at the bottom we see the "&" symbol which has also been subtly reshaped.

I also can't help but notice (assuming we've understood the context correctly)...that the wrench handle seems to be a deliberate phallic depiction. Very creepy stuff.

Ms. LaHaye seems to display the infinity symbol on a whole number of her book covers: LINK LINK LINK LINK


I find it interesting that the aforementioned Janet Parshall holds the position of Special Assistant to the President of Concerned Women for America, Mrs. Beverly LaHaye. Parshall displays luciferian symbolism at her site...Mr. and Mrs. LaHaye display symbolism on their publications...and they're all affiliated. Is it time to connect some dots?

(Parshall also hosted a radio program from 2000 to 2003, called “Renewing the Heart” which was produced by Focus on the Family. I’ve seen no evidence regarding James Dobson, other than his having been successfully ‘conned’ by the neocon/globalist agenda….as so many Evangelical leaders have.)


If you're wondering what is the significance of this particular "infinity" symbol--according to information I've gathered from occultists and researchers, it represents the balance between good and evil.

Apparently it is an important part of luciferian doctrine that there be this balance...and I am guessing this might be in order to prevent satanic practitioners from unraveling into raving insanity.

Whatever the reason, we see this strange spectacle of rich and powerful Satanists who might attend a human sacrifice ritual one day...and the very next day, peel off a check for a million dollars to some charitable organization. The Rockefellers might serve as an example.


As I said, LaHaye actually has an "ILumina" edition of his Left Behind series...a software program version. Wow--that is either an extremely edgy flaunting of luciferian allegiance (a play on the term “Illuminati”) …or it is, by my count, his umpteenth “accidentally occult” mishap in just the few of his publications we have looked at so far.

When Ilumina started up, it's very first featured product was the Left Behind series. With a company name like "ILumina" you can believe I was scouring their website and the Internet for any additional clues...and...I found, first of all, this very interesting press release:
"Groundbreaking technology makes ILumina possible, but it's the people behind the scenes--the top animators drawn from such companies as Pixar, Disney, and Marvel Comics ....who bring ILumina to life."

"In fact, the animators are keeping up with the technology to make this project competitive with animation such as...Monsters Inc. and Shrek."

It certainly is a small world, isn’t it?

Are some of these Disney animators the same ones who brought us phallic depictions on the cover art for "The Little Mermaid", or the "sex" scenes in "The Lion King" etc.? Long story short, there are rather plain indications of Masonic/
occult symbolism going on over at Ilumina. Below are a couple of images from
Larger image

If you remember the hand signals from people like Robert Schuller and Al Denson (and there are similar photos of Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and many others)...we see here again a similar V-shape (the left hand of the Pharaoh)...the "Vulcan" sign which is reportedly a significant indicator. (And is that the Phoenix bird on Pharaoh's chest?)
Larger image (with highlighting)

Now this is a very interesting image, with some (to me anyway)...obvious Masonic symbolism:

Notice here the similarity to a Masonic set-up...the two light pillars on the left and right (see Masonic Hall photo below).

Also notice the right tower, how the X-shaped wooden sticks, which are supposedly bracing the tower, create a kind of visual clutter that is curiously missing from the left tower. Notice also how the triangle-shaped slats at the lower portion of the right tower are conspicuously different then the left.

Those triangle-shaped slats on the right portray a very reasonable likeness of the Masonic "square"...and the X-shaped sticks on the left tower, with the visual background clutter having been removed...create a likeness of the Masonic "compass".

So...there is the Square and the Compass...the two Masonic towers...and...if we're interpreting this correctly...wouldn't it be fair to wonder out loud if those six triangle shapes on the pillar in the background might be a modified hexagram?

Also, the figure standing between the light pillars is masked. Compare this to the photo of the Lodge Mason below.

                                A typical Masonic Hall.

                                A "masked" Lodge Mason.


Here's an interesting question: If someone such as LaHaye were in actuality, covertly Luciferian...might we therefore see any indications in his writing, subtle or otherwise? Some folks have pointed out a few things, in this regard. Also, I think we see some anomalous wording in his hexagram emblem which I'll try to point out in a moment. Allow me to explain:

A researcher at this LINK points out what appear to be “print subliminals” which LaHaye has inserted into his writings.

Here is a quote from the book "God's Wrath on Left Behind" which critiques the LaHaye/Jenkins novels: "Print subliminals are sentences constructed in such a way that they send messages to the reader's mind without his being aware of what has occurred. They work on the person's mind in a manipulative fashion because the message has bypassed his conscious mind."

Keep in mind: If...LaHaye is aware that PreTribulationism is a luciferian concoction and that there is no PreTrib rapture forthcoming...he would therefore also know it has all been part of a scheme to crush the morale of church-going Americans (and many others around the world) in the aftermath of the Antichrist’s official emergence. These folks will find, to their shock and dismay, that they still reside upon Planet Earth.

The intention behind this deception would be to cause a crumbling of their resolve and a tragic capitulation to the Antichrist. LaHaye appears to make some key comments in his Prophecy Bible that seem designed to undermine the Bible's categorical stance on "the mark of the beast".

Indeed, there appears to be evidence of a subtle subliminal aspect to his phrasing-- Notice this quote: "The second half of the Tribulation will be an awful time for believers who refuse the mark."

Just look at that statement for a moment. Do you see the problem? Believers who refuse the mark?? So, what about believers who accept the mark? Well...there is no such thing. Believers who accept the mark are not believers, but his phrasing, inadvertently at least, suggests that both categories exist.

Immediately following that statement, there is yet another (to say the least) problematic quote. Here then is the full quote from the Prophecy Study Bible:

"The second half of the Tribulation will be an awful time for believers who refuse the mark. They will have to flee for safety, and it will be almost impossible to feed their families without the mark of the Beast." (Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible p. 1387 study note for Rev. 13:17)

Overall, I find the phrasing questionable and disturbing. Particularly because we are seeing two subliminals in quick succession.

First there is this subtle 'misstatement' that seems to deceptively suggest these two different categories of believers. And then his very next comment is that it will be "...almost impossible to feed their families without the mark of the Beast."

Again...believers who do rely on the mark of the beast to feed their families...wouldn't be believers! But his phrasing could be understood to be subtly suggesting otherwise.

In looking at that quote, it's as though it lends itself seductively to future panic-stricken Christ-followers whose resolve might be weakening and whose confusion might be increasing as the wolves i.e. the false christs and false prophets are whispering their lies--(paraphrasing) "Christians who want to feed their families will need to take the mark of the beast."

If someone were inclined to view the wording of the first sentence as simply unintentional 'awkward phrasing'...we are now dealing with this second successive anomalous phrasing.

If LaHaye indeed fits the biblical category of a "wolf in sheep's clothing", this is certainly the kind of seduction you might look for.

And if there was only this one grouping of 'awkward phrasings', maybe we could cling to a notion that this was a kind of temporary lapse or something...but then there is this exact same subliminal phrasing elsewhere, in the LaHaye's CWA materials:

"Concerned Women for America" is another LaHaye organization and is headed by LaHaye's wife, Beverly LaHaye. The Concerned Women For America website has a page called "Left Behind: Storyline of The Mark." This article contains the identical print subliminal:

The Global Potentate makes changes to his one-world government, and his right-hand man establishes a new religion in his honor. Carpathia has enacted a law requiring all his citizens to bear a mark of loyalty—a prerequisite to buy, sell or trade. Believers who refuse the mark are forced to live underground or to become martyrs.

So there it is again: "Believers who refuse the mark are forced to live underground or to become martyrs." The print subliminal is repeated verbatim! Apparently, they want you to believe there are two types of believers: (1) those who refuse the mark, and (2) those who receive the mark!

Now...going back to the kabbalah rings of LaHaye's hexagram--there is a quote which LaHaye has placed inside the double rings which IN CONTEXT is rather interesting for it's potential subliminal aspect. His choice of quote seems, at the very least, a bit odd.

He chooses to quote a question out of context from the Book of Revelation. He has then placed this non-definitive statement/question on the cover of his book: "Who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals therein?"

In context, I found it interesting that he puts a question on the cover of his book, instead of a definitive statement. Is this a subtle challenge from an individual who opposes the Biblical agenda?


First of all, let's be clear on one thing: The introduction of this luciferian world ruler is an event no one will have trouble recognizing--the Scriptures (
Revelation 13:3-5) point out "the whole world will be amazed" at the emergence of this individual...and will follow after him in a state of shock. Shock and awe.

The amazement and shock apparently stem from the fact that this individual was thought to have been dead...but now suddenly appears alive and well. Such are the descriptions in the Book of Revelation.

As I stated earlier--I find it interesting there is this corresponding (copycat) concept among satanists...that their future leader will be one who fulfills the descriptions of the Phoenix bird, and who rises from the ashes of (apparent) death and from defeat.

It is at this time, the so-called "mark of the beast" will be implemented by the world ruler, according to Revelation 13.


Before I describe a few things about the "mark of the beast"...I think the following certainly gives us a glimpse of the weird mentality we are dealing with:

This IAO emblem (seen below) is blatantly satanic, Orwellian, and creepy. But it also appears that their naming of the "Information Awareness Office" is a deliberate 'inside joke' reference to the movie "Brazil" (
video snippet- 3 minutes) and its comically absurd "Information Retrieval Office".

Information Awareness Office

Information Retrieval Office: A scene from the movie "Brazil" (1985).

I think it gives us an idea of just how arrogant and flippant these people are: Power-mad psychopaths bent on subjugating the whole world under totalitarian rule...and they're 'yukking' it up. They're laughing at the coming holocausts, deaths and destruction which they hope to visit upon us "useless eaters"? How do people become this 'soul-sick'? It's hard to figure.

In any case, the IAO has since backpeddled a bit (thankfully, due to the complaints of a small number of alert citizens)...and have changed their logo around, eliminating the Eye and a few other sinister aspects. (Notice also, those 'rays' which are emanating from the Eye of Horus, identically to Aleister Crowley's and Cathedral of Faith's logos.)

This organization (IAO) is run by Oliver North's old buddy, convicted felon John Pointdexter. It has a huge database which will track everything about everyone in the US and beyond. Just in time for the Antichrist?


Frankly, I hadn't paid much attention to talk about the possibility of these RFID (radio frequency identification) chip implants playing the role of the long prophesied "mark of the beast" because it didn't seem as though an implant could be viewed as a 'mark' per se. I hadn’t seen any evidence emerging that would tip the scales either way. For a number of reasons (which are to follow) I have begun to change my thinking:

Firstly, there is the logo for Verichip. Understand this: Verichip is the world’s premier producer of these RFID chips. Whether it remains so or not, we are nevertheless getting a clue from this logo, as to the philosophy which is behind these chips.

Once again, this looks like another disguised "i" (or "eye") in a circle. A camouflaged occult symbol. And though this is getting ahead of ourselves just a bit (you will read more about this in Chapter Fifteen)...these globalist elites place huge importance on dragon and/or serpent symbology. For those of us with a biblical orientation, the significance should be obvious.

Therefore, you might notice the logo could also be viewed as a 'reptilian' eye presentation...the eye of the Serpent or Dragon,...their god, Lucifer. Occultists love having double or triple significance to their coded, disguised symbols.

A "reptilian" eye.

Above, you see an actual RFID chip. If the Verichip logo is merely to be viewed as a symbolic representation of their RFID chip...then one could wonder why it is that the actual chip (in the above photo) conspicuously lacks resemblance to the distinctive "slit" shape in Verichip's logo.

I would say this much for now: Royalty around the world (who are clearly among those who have been in the upper echelons of power, to those of us who have pulled back the facades of the world system)...have had a huge and weird history of apparent "reptilian" allegiances. For example--what are we to make of all these dragons and serpents which British royals have jampacked into their insignias, their crests, their flags, going back a thousand years and beyond? Is it simply because they all watched "Dragon Tales" cartoons while growing up, or something?

Any Bible student looking at the 'big picture' ought to have an intuitive inclination to perceive this as indication of satanic the dragon, that serpent of old.


In any case, at a certain point in awakening from my own "sheeple-ness", it started to dawn on me that, with the huge amount of 'hoopla' surrounding these RFID chips...all the talk of chipping the children, chipping your pets, chipping your luggage at the airport...there are major forces behind this level of promotion.

In stepping back and looking at the 'big picture' it becomes quite obvious that ("mark of the beast" or not) these RFID chips are of critical importance to the people who want to create a totalitarian regime.

Setting aside for the moment, the question of how and whether this RFID chip could be viewed as a literal fulfillment of the Bible's prophecies regarding this "mark" (we'll get there in a moment)...might there come a time when these people would demand participation in a RFID implant program?

It is interesting and ominous that various 'Christian' leaders (of the "all hail Fox News" variety) have been coming forward, announcing the 'wonders' of RFID chips. Left Behind Prophecy conference speaker, Gary Frazier, as one of a number of examples, has urged Christians to have their children implanted with a biochip:

"I don't know of a parent or a grandparent that would not want their child or their grandchild chipped in order to keep them safe. I don't know of anyone who would not want that done." (Really?)

(I realize I haven't yet made my case all the way. Continue reading through this section!)


I will say this again--folks really need to view the Alex Jones
interview of Aaron Russo. You also need to watch the Russo documentary Freedom To Fascism.

Russo's testimony about comments from Nicholas Rockefeller regarding these RFID chips has virtually settled the issue for me: The 'elites' are very determined to use these chips as the ultimate totalitarian device. And as I hope you will see in a moment, the scenario fits the biblical descriptions of this long-prophesied "mark" a "T".

Russo obtained a rare inside glimpse of the Council On Foreign Relations organization when 'Nick' Rockefeller (yes, from that Rockefeller family) tried to recruit him for membership. The CFR is merely
the satanic Illuminati in a flimsy disguise.

Russo has been a successful Hollywood film producer-- a "VIP" on the American cultural scene. The kind of person who would be invited to join this elite 'globalist' organization. But Russo was the rarest of birds--he had integrity. He didn't like what he was hearing--Rockefeller described in the most jaded and disdainful terms, the elitist plans to take over the world.

Among other interesting tidbits (Rockefeller made a thinly veiled prediction regarding the upcoming 9/11 attack)...he described to Russo how they had the goal of getting everyone "chipped", as this would provide the ultimate control mechanism.

Some quotes from Russo as he reflected on his conversations with Rockefeller:

"...the whole agenda is to create a one world government where everybody has an "RFID" chip implanted in them...all money is to be in those chips...and this was given to me straight from [Nick] any time you have money in your chip, they can take out whatever they want...and if you "protest" they can just turn off your chip, and you then have can't buy can't do anything. It's total control of the people. You become a slave. You become a serf. That's their goal...their intention..."

Left: Aaron Russo. Right: Nicholas Rockefeller.

That is pretty amazing: Two thousand years ago, the Apostle John prophesied in the Book of Revelation about a "mark" that would be put in a person's hand or forehead, without which one would not be able to buy food...or buy and sell anything. And now in the present day, this CFR guy is telling Russo that is exactly the scenario they are creating.

Here is a Google video which is an eight minute excerpt from the Jones interview, during which Russo talks about the RFID chip.


As I said, one of the problems I initially had with the RFID chip scenario was...the Bible's apparent descriptions of a visible "marking" that would be seen on the hand or forehead of those who accept this "mark". At first, it seemed to me RFID chips fit the Bible's descriptions of the mark's function...but it was unclear to me whether these chips could (or would) fit the Bible's physical descriptions.

How could we equate an RFID chip with..."a mark on the hand or forehead"? I had tentatively theorized there might be a visible "marking" associated with the chip, to facilitate an easier enforcement...but that theory seemed a bit flimsy.

In regard to the idea of chip insertion, I would say it is additionally noteworthy that the original text in the Scriptures can be (and has been) translated as referring to the mark being placed "in" the hand and "in" the forehead (see the King James version of Revelation 13:16-18).


To be perfectly accurate, the Greek word in the Bible for "mark" (as it's used for the expression "mark of the Beast") is χάραγμα --
charagma. This word literally includes the idea of an 'incision' in the skin.

Strong's Concordance defines it as a "scratching", "etching" or "engraving". Therefore, it is accurate to say the mark of the Beast can and does involve an apparent cutting or incision of the skin. The root word
charax refers literally to a "pale" or "stake".

Note that the insertion of these RFID chips is accomplished exactly that way--through a small incision or cutting of the flesh. Thus, the word "charagma" is a remarkably accurate description of the insertion of these chips. Notice also that, at the present time at least, these chips do, in fact, bear a resemblance to a small "pale" or "stake".

I believe the critical mistake many of us may have been making in regard to this "mark of the beast" that the "mark" (according to a precise translation of the Greek) is NOT primarily about a visible marking.

The actual Greek word is primarily conveying the idea of an "incision" or "cutting" incision/cutting that may or may not be very visible...depending on how small the incision is. The incision for an RFID chip would probably heal back to near invisibility similar to a vaccination scar.

Arguably then, it would still be accurate to say that a person had been "marked" by the beast, in receiving one of these RFID chips...even if there isn't necessarily a visible marking.

From the
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (vol 9, page 416): "[Charagma] is an engraved, etched, branded or inscribed 'mark' or 'sign'. Closest to the original sense[...] is the earliest example in Soph. Phil., 267, where [charagma] denotes the bite of a snake."

In point of fact, the rather large hypodermic needles which are used to insert these chips, function in EXACTLY the same manner as a snake's fang. In the final analysis, the RFID scenario is a very, very close fit to the Bible's descriptions.



Here we have yet another provocative name for an RFID company. "Xmark" is
a subsidiary of Verichip. "X" is an occult reference to the Antichrist, as I discuss further below.

To understand the potential significance of this name "Xmark", you have to realize the way in which occult elites have "embraced" their own predictability, as they and their actions are being described in the Bible. You might think satanic globalists (and Satan himself, for that matter) would make every effort to avoid appearing predictable on the pages of Scripture.

If the Bible, for example, predicts a "mark" which will create total control over all buying and selling...wouldn't it be awkward for occultists to first develop this RFID chip which is designed to accomplish precisely that (total control)...but then also name this RFID chip the "Xmark" of all things!

Apparently though (as I believe I've described elsewhere in this report) Lucifer and his followers have adopted an attitude of arrogance. Their position is...Adonay's prophecies (a reference to the Lord Jesus) are no more remarkable than those of a 99 lb. "weakling" who is predicting he will take a beating at the hands of a well-muscled bully.

And in fact, that will become temporarily true. Recall the well-known statement of Rev.13:7 -- "[The beast] was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them." 
Reports and testimonies from occult survivors describe how occultists readily concede that "...yes, Adonay is a god...a god who does have insights into the future...but he is a weaker god. He is inferior to the god, Lucifer. Adonay rightly predicts the defeat of his own followers...but falsely predicts his victory and rescue of Christians in the end."

Read these comments from Albert Pike, the most influental Luciferian of the last two centuries:

"To the crowd we must say: we worship a God, but it is the God one adores without superstition. To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Bretheren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees...Yes, Lucifer is God, and, unfortunately Adonay is also God... religious philosophy in its purity and truth consists in the belief in Lucifer..." (Albert Pike, quoted in A.C. de la Rive: La Femme et l'Enfant dinis la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle, p. 588. Also quoted by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, Freemasonry and the Vatican, p. 6).

Do you see how this works, in their mind? Occultists believe there is a very simple reason why they predominate on the world scene...why they are the wealthiest, the best educated, the most powerful. They are under the impression it is simply because their god (Lucifer) is hugely superior.

(Apparently, "Adonay" is one of the preferred references to the Lord Jesus, among occultists. They make every effort to give the impression the King of Kings is merely competing with the Devil for control of the universe.)


Of course, there is some very distorted rationalization going on there: If Lucifer is so utterly dominant, and if the "meekness" and "weakness" of Jesus' followers is a direct reflection on the supposed weakness of the Almighty...then why have these occultists been huffing and puffing for centuries to accomplish the alleged "cakewalk" of knocking over Adonay and taking over the world?

The biblical fact of the matter is...this world proceeds forth in exactly and precisely the manner in which the Lord God has allowed...and He has done so expressly for His own glory. Psalms 2 says "the Lord sits in the heavens and laughs". Judgment Day will be a shocking experience for all of Lucifer's victims of deception.

But I digress. My original point was that this choice of a name ("Xmark") might very well be a nose-thumbing exercise aimed at that small sliver of onlookers (folks like you and me) who are cognizant of the ongoing occultist/globalist shenanigans, as in--"Here's your 'mark of the beast', buddy! And with bells on!"

Whether this is true or not...notice more importantly, how the Bible has spoken of a "mark" thousands of years ago...and now this "Xmark" has indeed arrived on the scene and is ready to go...ready for implementation as the ultimate totalitarian control device.


If all of the above isn't enough...there is also significant indication of the letter "X" being an actual occult symbol for the Antichrist. Recall in Chapter Two how covert ocultists such as Norman Vincent Peale have adopted the "X" (indicated by posing with crossed arms) as their favorite occult symbol.

Recall one of occultism's central, most prominent symbols--"the Skull and [X-shaped] Crossbones". Another favorite (and directly related) symbol of Luciferians, as was mentioned earlier (Chapter Eleven)...the "crossed out cross", whereby the "Christian" cross is literally crossed out with an "X" shape.
Dr. Cathy Burns, the author of "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated" and many other books on the occult, states:

"...since [satanic]
Masonry has replaced the cross of Jesus with an "X" representing their own 'christ', that 'christ' of Masonry was the Biblical Antichrist; therefore, the "X" in modern Freemasonry represents Antichrist!"

"Thus, the "X" in the Skull & Bones symbol represents the Black Magick Masonry symbol for Antichrist".

All of that to say--this chosen brand name for the RFID chips, "Xmark" (if it remains part of the world's premier RFID chip conglomerate) can apparently be literally interpreted as the "Antichrist's mark".

Isn't it amazing how the Bible has predicted all of this two thousand years ago?

UPDATE AS OF 5/28/2020 -- There has potentially been a quantum leap in RF technology, just to keep the reader up to speed. The rice-sized RFID chips are possibly being replaced by tiny microchips. Nanochips. Virtually invisible to the naked eye.

As of June, 2020 there appears to be an attempt at implementing a "mark of the beast" forcing virtually all of humanity to accept a bogus "vaccination" which will include a microchip. Jesus-followers will need to scrutinize this scenario very, very carefully. What if they are able to download various upgrades to these nanochips and increasingly implement various controls. Used as an ID. Used for storage of personal and medical records. And most interesting of all to us Bible students -  financial control. Our banking deposits. Our ability to buy and sell. 

None of us watchdog types are very sure just how far nano technology has progressed...even among credentialed researchers and academics at sites like The globalists are playing their cards close to the vest. Here is a sample article

All conscientious Bible students need to read the following article:
The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020"


In closing this chapter, I must pass along concerns I have regarding Rick Warren. My alarm bells first went off when he came out arm-in-arm with Ted Haggard in a splashy endorsement for "global warming" and "climate change" concerns...a huge Illuminati contrivance. Additional LINK on global warming. Another LINK. One more.

At the time, it was something quite odd and unprecendented for "conservative Evangelicals" to do such a thing. To me, it just looked weirdly orchestrated and stilted. Therefore, when Haggard had his blow-up...and having now looked more closely at Warren (as you're about to see) this Haggard/Warren joint effort now seems all the more dubiously conspicuous and indicative.

And then...there is the fact that Rick Warren was offered a membership in the aforementioned Council On Foreign Relations and, unlike non-Christian Aaron Russo, Warren had accepted the offer and is now a member of this Illuminati front organization. He makes an explicit admission to Joseph Farah in this article.

Keep in mind, the CFR is a step beyond the Bohemian Grove where only a relatively small percentage of the two or three thousand members are actually aware of hardcore satanism that goes on there. The indications are that the CFR has a significantly higher percentage of true "insiders", compared to the Grove.

According to UNCED whistle-blower George Hunt (see Chapter Eleven), hundreds of these guys were sitting in on lectures where many blatant statements and graphic details were divulged.

Why would a "secular" Aaron Russo gag on the idea of joining this group...but not Reverend Rick Warren??


This is one of the more critical oversights of rank-and-file church-goers and pastors in mainstream Evangelicalism these days: The infiltration of the Evangelical community...of this occult-based "mantra"-style meditation which involves a repetitive chanting technique.

Tony Campolo, for example (and who has long since gone left orthodox Christian faith over the "gay" issue), describes how he chants the word "Jesus" thousands of times each morning - link.

You would think, because the Bible explicitly discourages "vain repetition" that the rejection of this mantra thing would be a 'no-brainer' among Evangelicals.

But when you have 'big wigs' like
Max Lucado, Michael W. Smith, Tony Campolo, and Rick Warren (along with many others) promoting this stuff...the "sheeple" syndrome has spun out of control in the church world these days, and people flock after the Evangelical superstars, hanging on their every word. A very strange, unhealthy situation.

Although I have not looked over the entirety of the following website, what I have seen so far is a spectacular exposé of this whole sordid "chanting prayers" business...and the central role which Rick Warren has played.

Please read through the info at LighthouseTrailsResearch. These guys are really keeping up to date on all of this "Contemplative Prayer" false teaching which has been creeping into various corners of the conservative church world. (Lighthouse holds to a PreTrib position but...they do a good job of exposing some of these other false teachings.)


I must say, in doing a quick check of his websites, there are some very questionable (or worse) things going on there: His church website has a lot of 'diamond' shapes across the top that could (in similar fashion to ORU) be construed as these kabbalistic "As Above-So Below" double triangles. One could certainly wonder why there are all these very subtly displayed 'diamond' shapes...

...especially in conjunction with "all-seeing eye" presentations (see below). I consider this point-blank, blatant occult symbolism. Notice inside the red box I have drawn, and in the close-up photo:

Also, note the infinity symbols here:

And below--these partially hidden shapes here seem possible presentations of the modified infinity symbol designs from Kay Arthur and Beverly LaHaye. I concede it's a bit of a stretch could conceivably argue the "S" logo seems to come rather close to also qualifying as a 'modified' figure-eight/infinity symbol.

The more context is created through the overt presentation of occult symbolism, the more one is inclined to suspect regarding some of the more sly, coded/camouflaged occult symbolism!

In any case, the logo is yet another of these diamond shapes....and this one is divide into an upper and lower (darker) half.

Click on this LARGER IMAGE to get a better look.

For comparison, notice below the similarly coded infinity symbolism from these (cropped) Beverly LaHaye and Kay Arthur publications:

Bev LaHaye publication (earlier in this chapter).

Kay Arthur publication (see Chapter Two)

In context, is this (below) meant to convey "illumination"? It certainly is similar to the crown on the Illuminati's Statue of Liberty. Many occultists have utilized this exact same design.

French 'Illuminists' were the ones who apparently
innovated this symbolism during their contrived and bloody revolution in 1790. It signifies the sun rising on a 'new world order' and a new age of 'enlightenment'. See other examples below:


I am also concerned about the possibility of "subliminal" stuff going on: We are to be "purpose-driven?? Answer: No, we are not to be "driven" in any aspect of the Christian life. According to the Good Book, we're to be "led"...led "by the Spirit".

Also...maybe more than any other category, college-age Christian young people are under full spiritual assault...struggling mightily to remain pure and to distance themselves from the 'bed-hopping' scenario that is routine 'par for the course' for almost all other young adults these days.

And yet, at Saddleback someone has decided to name the college group "Crave", of all things. Imagine hearing the word "crave' twenty times a day as part of that group.

And notice also (below)--the opposing triangles in the word "crave"!

They also have a problematic name for their email newsletter (above)--"The Fix" though they are to think of themselves as "addicts". Seriously--"the fix"??

And once again, there are these opposing triangles which comprise the letter "x". Thus we see the letter "i" and the word "fix". An "i" (eye) and a triangle = Eye of Horus...if you been following along. They even manage to work a triangle into the letter "F", The "F" actually has all the 'parts' for another letter "i" and a triangle. Not good.

The junior high group is named "Wildside". The 70's song "Walk on the Wildside" was about homosexual behavior. That is well-known fact. In fact, the very phrase is a cliché. They name this group of young kids who are going through critical 'formative' years..."wildside"? In the context of all-seeing eyes, infinity symbolism, and such...this doesn't look good.

Here is yet another occult symbol at the Saddleback website --the "winged heart"-- which, oddly enough, comes from the
Islamic version of occultism.

The Christian retail store C28, unknowingly or otherwise, sells T-shirts with this Sufi occult symbolism (see below).

There are the two Sufi 'winged heart' occult symbols. There is a great big V-shape in the background design. And there is the "Knights Templar"-style tilted cross which just so happens to have the banner wrapped around it in such a way as to be very reminiscent of the Templar's phallus/yoni symbolism. There's a whole lot of "coincidence" going on with this C28 T-shirt.

And by the way: If C28's official "Not of this world" logo (above left) is not reminiscent of the Templar Knights symbol (on the right), I don't know what is. Notice how they've even flattened the "O" which then replicates the "yoni" in the Templar symbol.

Notice how the "cross" has been shaped into something resembling a dagger or sword. I have never, in Christian circles, heard of likening the cross to an instrument which pierces and/or kills and wounds. I really hate to see this kind of thing. This is a retail store which targets young people.

Back to the 'winged heart' issue: As any Bible student could probably imagine...and as the crescent (horned) moon and the pentagram indicate (below)...Islam's Sufi sect has an explicit satanic essence. It has been equated with or been closely compared to...
satanic Kabbalism. In fact, the central text of the Kabbalah, the Zohar, makes references to Sufi practices.


So...why is this symbol being displayed at Saddleback Church?

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History


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INTRODUCTION: Connecting current events to "end times" a way you've never seen before.

CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Luciferians in American culture, politics, academia...and in the Evangelical community.

CHAPTER TWO: The Kay Arthur/ Al Denson/ Robert Schuller/ Star Trek/ Oprah Winfrey Connection??

CHAPTER THREE: A Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FOUR: An Even Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FIVE: 9/11--Some Parting Shots.

CHAPTER SIX: A Closer Look At The Bush Family.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Entering the Netherworld.

CHAPTER NINE: Hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease...and more.

CHAPTER TEN: The Pre-Trib Rapture Problem.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: A Grand Tour of the Devil's Crime Syndicate.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Part Two of the Grand Tour.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Part Three--Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Part Four--More Wolves.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate--Part Two


CONCLUSION: "Happily Ever After".