CHAPTER SIX: A Closer Look At The Bush Family


My personal reaction in having come across some of these stunning discoveries is that it began to open a door in my thinking. When I saw the facts regarding 9/11 accumulating in front of me, my response was: Wow, what ELSE have I not known about?? Just what IS the whole story here??

If 9/11 was an ‘inside’ job then, humanly speaking, it constitutes something close to unprecedented evil. It's one thing to commit mass murder. Tragic though it might be, this has occurred throughout history.

But if the people who did this have been able to maintain a big smiley happy face...and have widely announced their evangelical ‘Christian’ faith to the world...and have claimed to lay prostrate on the carpeting of the Oval Office as they cry out to the Lord in prayer…and regularly receive visits from the likes of Billy Graham and have golf outings
with Michael W. Smith, and count these as friends of the (Bush) family

…and then can turn around and murder 3000 innocent Americans in cold blood…that, for me, is a psychopathy bordering on the satanic. IF indeed…this is what has happened.

One of the tragic victims of 9/11.

I began to ‘google’ around looking to see if there are any hints from known facts surrounding members of the Bush family--- You may be surprised to know that the stories, the anecdotes and the testimonies regarding these folks…are legion.

By the way, if you are thinking that the Bush people are the ‘end destination’ for this report…I can tell you that this story goes WAY, WAY beyond Bush or Cheney or Clinton or Rumsfeld…even though these and many others are playing significant roles.

As these horrific reports concerning members of the Bush family begin to accumulate here in this writing, the question may arise in your mind as to how this much information could not be generally known by the American or world community.

In addressing that issue, I have been astonished to realize that when the ‘powers that be’ (PTB) don’t want the public to be aware of something, they simply have to nudge it out of the ‘mainstream’ of the media. If it isn’t written up or talked up in the local newspaper, Time magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or 60 Minutes etc….99% of the community will never know about it. Do you want an example?


Try this Bush anecdote for size. The following is a routinely verifiable, documented fact concerning a member of the Bush family that you most likely have never heard, simply because the PTB and the corporate-owned media take it upon themselves to hold back significant information they have decided you need not hear:

Laura Bush, the wife of the current President, killed her boyfriend in high school.

In this case, no particular implication is being made. She ran a stop sign and crashed into his vehicle. From all appearance it was simply an accident. But 99.99% of us have never heard that report, simply because it is kept out of the mainstream.

By the way…what has happened here, to the much-heralded ‘liberal bias’ from the media? Why have they not made great sport of this…as well as a host of other even hotter issues (as you will see)??

It is true, of course, that roughly 85% of media personnel are liberal in their personal orientation. But a member of the media is firstly an employee of a corporation. And while that is only a partial explanation for the media’s quasi-'cover-up' regarding Laura Bush, it will hopefully begin to make more sense, further into the whole story.

Here is another Bush anecdote:


Darlene Novinger was an FBI undercover agent who, during the mid 80’s, had been assigned the task of infiltrating the Medellin Cartel, headed by the infamous Pablo Escobar. She had been fairly successful in as much as she had established a strong tie to Steve Plata, a cousin of Escobar. But then things took a turn for the bizarre. Here is the rest of the story from the Rigorous Intuition blog:

Novinger was recruited by the FBI in 1979 to work as an undercover operative, and in 1982 was assigned to Atlanta by the Federal Strike Force. She worked on Operation Nimbus, investigating large-scale drug smuggling on the Eastern seaboard.

The investigation revealed the narcotics operation of a powerful Lebanese family living in Miami and Jamaica, which was also tied to the Lebanese fascist Phalange. And Novinger claimed the operation implicated Vice President Bush and his son Jeb.

After submitting her report, orders came to cease the investigation and destroy all documents. She said someone in the FBI's Miami office leaked to the traffickers that she had penetrated the operation.

Before Operation Nimbus was shut down, veteran US Customs investigator Joe Price filed corroborating reports in September 1983 implicating Bush. And after he did, FBI agents arrested him on a narcotics trafficking charge.

Rodney Stich tells more, in his book Defrauding America:

Darlene Novinger said to me that she discovered during an FBI investigation that George Bush and two of his sons were using drugs and prostitutes in a Florida hotel while Bush was Vice President.

She said that when she reported these findings to her FBI supervisors they warned her not to reveal what she had discovered. Novinger had been requested to infiltrate drug trafficking operations in South America and the United States.

She was pressured to quit her FBI position; her husband was beaten to death; and four hours after she appeared on a July 1993 talk show describing her findings (after she was warned not to appear), her father mysteriously died.

A dead white canary was left on his grave as a warning to her. After receiving death threats she went into hiding, from where she occasionally appeared as guest on talk shows, and called me from undisclosed locations.

Obviously we’re not in Kansas anymore.

A report of a Vice-President and a father, who WITH TWO OF HIS SONS is doing drugs and prostitutes?? What IS this? It makes the hair stand up on your neck.

The public image of Bush Sr. is that of a kindly, grandfatherly type, who has had to fend off a ‘wimp’ reputation over the course of his career (remember those Dana Carvey skits on Saturday Night Live?).


Here is another startling, disturbing report concerning the elder Bush, involving something he did during the Reagan/Bush campaign for the presidency in 1980. Bush arranged to be secretly flown to Paris (the return trip being made in a Mach3 SR-71). There he negotiated with Iranians to have the American hostages held for another three months until AFTER the election.

This heartless, cold-blooded move was intended to prevent there being any late wave of support for President Carter if he were to have successfully gained release for the hostages. Apparently that was about to happen when Bush intervened. I have found this to be astonishingly callous…at best.

I had previously mentioned that an adviser to President Reagan, Barbara Honegger, resigned in protest over this incident. She wrote a book about it entitled “October Surprise”. She plays an important role to this day in uncovering the nefarious undertakings of criminal elements in US government, including the facts surrounding 9/11.

Gunther Russbacher, (shown below) the actual pilot of the SR-71, spent a number of years in jail when he tried to speak out, after discovering what he had been used for. (These facts can be easily googled, if the reader chooses.)

Senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon testified and documented the Russbacher story, and as you will see if you read up a bit...tracing the life of this man is just one of a thousand entry points into a very strange netherworld of occultism and high-level CIA and US government intrigue. LINK

Gunter Russbacher


Here is another Bush fact: Have you ever heard of Barry Seal? He was a major player on the Colombian/Nicaraguan drug scene during the 80’s. He was eventually assassinated, gunned down on the streets of Baton Rouge, LA. in 1986.

When the authorities searched through his vehicle in the aftermath, they discovered he was in possession of the personal, private phone number of then Vice-President Bush. This story even made it briefly into the mainstream but there was, of course, no follow-up.

Barry Seal

Additionally, there is this other Barry Seal/George Bush anecdote:

Lewis Unglesby is today one of the most powerful and well-known attorneys in Louisiana. But back in 1986, he was just a 36-year-old lawyer who represented Barry Seal, and who, Unglesby himself admits, was made by Seal to operate on a "need-to-know basis".
"I sat him down one time," recalls Unglesby, talking about his relationship with Seal, "and said: I cannot represent you effectively unless I know what is going on. Barry smiled, and gave me a number, and told me to call it, and identify myself as him (Seal.)

I dialed the number, a little dubiously, and a pleasant female voice answered: 'Office of the Vice President.'"

"This is Barry Seal," Unglesby said into the phone.

"Just a moment, sir," the secretary replied. "Then a man's voice came on the line, identifying himself as Admiral somebody, and said to me, 'Barry, where have you been?'"

"Excuse me, Sir, "Unglesby replied, "but my name is Lewis Unglesby and I'm Barry Seal's attorney."

There was a click, Unglesby relates. The phone went dead. "Seal just smiled when I looked over at him in shock, and then went back to treating me on a need-to-know basis."


Just what in the world is going on in relation to George Bush Sr….and the drug scene??? At this point in my research I was becoming quite open to any possible explanation.


I had previously mentioned Gary Webb, formerly of the San Jose Mercury News. A few years after managing to get his three-part series
The Dark Alliance (still readily available online) published in the San Jose newspaper, he was found dead of two gunshot wounds to the head. Astoundingly, official reports have dared to classify it as a ‘suicide’.

Gary Webb

His series of articles were the only time that reports of CIA drug-smuggling made the mainstream, and Gary Webb paid the ultimate price. He was drummed out of his job in San Jose and spent the remaining six years of his life in obscurity before his ‘mysterious’ death.

He reported a mind-boggling tale of major, wholesale drug-smuggling, with all the trails of evidence leading to the front door of the CIA…an organization that was headed by George W.H. Bush at the time.

As I had mentioned before, former assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts has published many Internet articles regarding high level CIA drug-smuggling: LINK

ROBERT BONNER (former DEA chief)

I'm adding in this paragraph about Bonner as a recent edit (7/29/12). Read the New American article:

CIA "Manages" Drug Trade

Watch the 60 Minutes interview with Bonner: 

Read the New York Times article:  Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A. Sent Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990 

Notice how the New York Times, in disingenuous fashion, only offered this one isolated story as a lone puzzle piece. In this manner they obscure the 'big picture' from the American people, regarding full-blown mega-scale drug smuggling by US government agencies...and then schizophrenically sooth their own consciences by telling themselves they have now "duly reported" the facts.

And of course 60 Minutes is doing the same exact thing with their one-time-only reporting of this astonishingly monstrous criminal activity.


There has been significant corroboration from a number of smaller players regarding this CIA story…including the testimony of a certain Chip Tatum, a very colorful character who worked in various capacities for the US government.

In one of his roles, he was an airplane pilot for the actual drug flights from Nicaragua to Mena, Arkansas and a number of other US military bases. When he realized what he was being used for, he began to gather recordings of the in-flight conversations taking place over the intercom on the plane, and he kept an extensive diary of all the events.

Here are some excerpts from a lengthy interview conducted by former high-ranking FBI officer Ted Gunderson (now a private investigator):

Gunderson: How was he [Oliver North] involved in the Iran-Contra situation, as far as the money was concerned, and the organization of it?

Well, North is the person who actually - you know, you hear a lot about the North camps in Honduras for the Contras. The North camps were named the "North camps" not because they were…in the northern part of the country, but because Oliver North set them up.

North was in charge of setting those camps up. Enrique Bermudez was in charge of protecting those camps. And Ramon Novarro was in charge of the cocaine operations in those camps. It was a - you know, the Three Musketeers there. They were producing, out of each camp, about - and there were five of them that were producing cocaine - about 500 kilos a week.

It wasn't a large operation, but it was large enough that the paste that was sent to them from Ramon Novarro's contacts in the Medellin cartel wasn't supplying paste fast enough, so they were actually flying bales of leaves up from Peru.

Gunderson: So, Ollie North set these five camps up, 500 kilos per week. How many years were they in service?

They were in service when I got there, and they were setting up new ones too. 159th Aviation Battalion out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

SuperChinooks were flying in the fuel-pods and equipment, dropping them in, dropping bladders of acetone and jet-fuel into the area.

Gunderson: Well, where was North physically located at this time, Washington, D.C., or down there in Central, South America?

Tatum: He was in Washington, D.C., but he did make several trips into South America, as did Vice President Bush, which wasn't brought out at the time. Mr. Bush was there on April 12th, but no one heard that.

Gunderson: Down at these camps?

That's correct.

Gunderson: April 12th of what year?

And he was vice president then, wasn't he?
That's correct.

Gunderson: And so, did - how did the money flow on - the organization-structure of the drugs, the money, et cetera? Do you have any idea on that?

I was a pilot down there. I don't know how the money flowed. I know many of the drugs went to either Ilapongo Air Base in El Salvador, or they went up to Panama. I did have the occasion to fly several members to El Ocatal (sp?) to a meeting of this cartel - I call it the "Olympic Cartel" because of the proportions of what they were doing.

Several of the members that I flew to this meeting in El Ocatal - here are the people who were there: it was General Noriega,
Mike Harari, who was a retired Mossad agent assigned to Gen. Noriega, Felix Rodriguez, Joe Fernandez, who was the CIA station-chief in Costa Rica, Gen. Gustavo Alvarez, who was the U.S. - or the Honduran Army chief of staff, and a guy named William Barr, who represented the assets of this enterprise.

Gunderson: Now, wait a moment. William Barr used to be attorney general of the United States.

Tatum: He later became, under his boss George Bush, the attorney general of the United States, that's correct.

Gunderson: That's right. He replaced Thornburgh, wasn't it?

Tatum: Yes, I believe so.

Gunderson: Well, isn't that interesting? …so we have Vice President Bush, we have Ollie North, we have William Barr involved in the drug-operation. It's that simple, isn't it?

Tatum: We have Ami Nir, Mossad, Mike Harari, Mossad.

Attorney General William Barr

Here now are some excerpts from his online book The Tatum Chronicles where he describes some of the events that took place in which he played a part:

I was a Special Operations pilot at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. In 1983 and 1984 we would routinely receive requests from a medevac unit at Ft. Campbell to deliver white coolers marked medical supplies to Little Rock Air Force Base, and, on two occasions, to an airport west of Little Rock, in Mena, Arkansas.

On one occasion in the fall of 1983, I was tasked with delivering two such coolers to Little Rock Airport.

We arrived late in the night, about 10:30 pm.
Dr. Lasater was the first out of the limo….I recognized him from a previous flight. He was followed by two others…the heavy cooler went into the limo and the light cooler was loaded into the van. Dr. Lasater introduced me to the two gentlemen with him. First, we were introduced to the Governor of Arkansas, Governor William J. Clinton, and then his security chief, Raymond "Buddy" Young.

Raymond Buddy Young (pictured with Hillary Clinton)

After returning to Ft. Campbell on Friday, I called Director Colby and told him of the delivery and my discovery. I told him that when I opened the cooler, which was ultimately taken by Governor Clinton, it contained several kilos of an off-white powdery substance and lots of money.

An excerpt from another occasion:

Mr. [Oliver] North stated the following to the other passengers, [referring to their drug smuggling operations]"One more year of this and we'll all retire." He then made a remark concerning Barry Seal and Governor Clinton. "If we can keep those Arkansas hicks in line, that is," referring to the loss of monies as determined the week prior during their meeting in Costa Rica.

I stood silently by…listening to the conversation. General Alverez had gone with the Contra leader to discuss logistics. The other three - North, Rodriguez, and Ami Nir - continued through the wooden building, inspecting the cocaine.

North continued, "...but he (Vice President Bush) is very concerned about those missing monies. I think he's going to have Jeb (Bush) arrange something out of Columbia," he told his comrades, not thinking twice of my presence.

What Mr. North was referring to ended up being the assassination of Barry Seal by members of the Medellin Cartel in early 1986.


I just think to myself how far, far removed all of this is from the public perception of Oliver North, for example, as a 'darling' of the conservative Evangelical world (a frequent guest and speaker at large Christian functions)...and the perception of Jeb Bush and his father, George affable, mild-mannered, charming 'public servants' and Christian gentlemen.

The photo above (of the assassinated Barry Seal) would seem to indicate that NOTHING could be further from the truth.

You can read much more about the Barry Seal/CIA saga here: LINK

The Ted Gunderson interview and other testimony from Chip Tatum: Youtube Video

And the Tatum Chronicles:

CIA pilot Tosh Plumlee has been another who has come forward regarding these CIA/military drug-smuggling flights. LINK

Yet another: Retired DEA Agent Celerino "Cele" Castillo.


Gary Webb reported this startling revelation while lecturing at a public gathering in Eugene, Oregon some time after being fired from his newspaper:

I'll tell you another thing; one of the most amazing things I found in the National Archives was a report that had been written by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa -- I believe it was 1987. They had just busted a Colombian drug trafficker named Allen Rudd, and they were using him as a cooperating witness. Rudd agreed to go undercover and set up other drug traffickers, and they were debriefing him.

Now, let me set the stage for you. When you are being debriefed by the federal government for use as an informant, you're not going to go in there and tell them crazy-sounding stories, because they're not going to believe you, they're going to slap you in jail, right?

What Rudd told them was, that he was involved in a meeting with Pablo Escobar, who was then the head of the MedellĂ­n cartel. They were working out arrangements to set up cocaine shipments into South Florida.

He said Escobar started ranting and raving about that damned George Bush, and now he's got that South Florida Drug Task Force set up which has really been making things difficult, and the man's a traitor. And he used to deal with us, but now he wants to be president and thinks that he's double-crossing us.

And Rudd said, well, what are you talking about? And Escobar said, we made a deal with that guy, that we were going to ship weapons to the contras, they were in there flying weapons down to Columbia, we were unloading weapons, we were getting them to the contras.

And the deal was, we were supposed to get our stuff [cocaine] to the United States without any problems. And that was the deal that we made. And now he double-crossed us.

So the U.S. Attorney heard this, and he wrote this panicky memo to Washington saying, you know, this man has been very reliable so far, everything he's told us has checked out, and now he's saying that the Vice President of the United States is involved with drug traffickers. We might want to check this out. And it went all the way up.

The funny thing about government documents is, whenever it passes over somebody's desk, they have to initial it. And this thing was like a ladder, it went all the way up and all the way up, and it got up to the head of the Criminal Division at the Justice Department, and he looked at it and said, looks like a job for Lawrence Walsh!

And so he sent it over to Walsh, the Iran-contra prosecutor, and he said, here, you take it, you deal with this. And Walsh's office -- I interviewed Walsh, and he said, we didn't have the authority to deal with that. We were looking at Ollie North. So I said, did anybody investigate this? And the answer was, "no." And that thing sat in the National Archives for ten years, nobody ever looked at it.

Here is the entire lecture.

By the way, if you want to research more about Clinton’s involvement in drug smuggling, simply ‘google’ the words “Clinton”, “Mena” and “drugs”. You’ll stay busy for weeks. If you’ve ever wondered why Bush Sr. and Clinton seem to get along like old buddies…you will wonder no more after reading of their extensive joint efforts in the CIA drug operations.

LINK: YouTube video of comments from Congressman Ron Paul regarding Vice-President Bush, Oliver North and CIA drug-smuggling.


And here is testimony from a Los Angeles police narcotics detective (Michael Ruppert) who delivers first-hand a report of the CIA's involvement in delivering illicit drugs into the Los Angeles area and throughout the country.

LINK: YouTube video of Mike Ruppert's full testimony -- a full-length presentation:


And now, at the risk of getting ahead of the story here, let me drop the first few clues regarding specific examples of occultism/Luciferianism in high places:

First of all, take a look at the 1980's version of the Republican elephant with the "normal" upright stars (below).

But then in 2000, without explanation, the stars were turned upside down into an explicit representation of the satanic "baphomet" pentagram-- a bit chilling, to say the very least.

A few reporters have actually called up the Republican National Party and inquired about this, and have received no answer. Both versions are still occult symbols but the upside down baphomet is considered the more explicit, in-your-face "goats-head" occult symbol presentation.

If that isn't bad enough:

First take a look at the normal American flag in its classic, historic presentation-- you see the upright (and more "politely" coded and veiled occult symbol) five-point star:

Now look at the flags being displayed at Hillary Clinton political rallies these days:

The above photo, for example, is a screen capture from her own website. See here.

Yes, the Clintons seem to be giving significant indication of being literally occultist/Luciferians. A number of occult survivors and Internet researchers have reported such.

I noticed recently that Bill Clinton has posed for official portraits, flashing the Sign of Five-- a coded version of the satanic pentagram. Note particularly the portrait immediately below. I strongly theorize the Clintons are part of a satanic, globalist Antichrist agenda. Nothing short of it.

To summarize this chapter: There is a huge mountain of evidence which indicates the sum total of America’s drug problems (including the emergence of ‘crack’ cocaine in recent decades) can be laid at the feet of a bizarre crime syndicate comprised of power elites and rogue CIA, DEA and other government agents.

And it gets worse.


Psalm 2:

1 Why do the nations conspire
and the peoples plot in vain?

2 The kings of the earth take their stand
and the rulers gather together
against the LORD
and against his Anointed One.

3 "Let us break their chains," they say,
"and throw off their fetters."

4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
the Lord scoffs at them.

5 Then he rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,

6 "I have installed my King
on Zion, my holy hill."

7 I will proclaim the decree of the LORD:
He said to me, "You are my Son;
today I have become your Father.

8 Ask of me,
and I will make the nations your inheritance,
the ends of the earth your possession.

9 You will rule them with an iron scepter;
you will dash them to pieces like pottery."

10 Therefore, you kings, be wise;
be warned, you rulers of the earth.

11 Serve the LORD with fear
and rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry
and you be destroyed in your way,
for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection.


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