CHAPTER TWELVE: Part Two of the Grand Tour-The Third Reich / "60's Flower Child" Connection?

Chapter contents:

Section One--The Nazi connection...Operation Paperclip...Karl Rove...Kay Griggs...Reinhard Gehlen...Nazi architecture...Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Section Two--
Paperclip's impact...60's pop culture...
Admiral Morrison?...Laurel Canyon...Zappa...Mamas and Papas...Crosby, Stills and Nash...(fast forward) James Blunt...(tangent) Dr. Gene Scott...David Crosby (et al)...Hollywood's "Young Turks"...Bruce Dern (et al)...and the moral of the story.


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In prepping the reader for this next segment...recall earlier descriptions in this report, of Illuminati/CIA Monarch "mind control" techniques which these people have implemented on various subjects--usually on their own offspring (apparently from one generation to the next)..and also on those whom they have 'procured' into their fold.

These procedures have the ability to create these tragic, robot-like, "multiple personality disordered" human beings. The things that satanists had made a part of their sick, twisted occult practices began to be perceived as a ‘convenient’ enhancement of government function…a way of creating near superhuman ‘secret agents’, with dramatically enhanced spying skills, assassination skills, memory skills, linguistic skills etc. ...and so this bizarre interactive alliance has developed between Satanism and large segments of the intelligence community (the CIA).

One important thing to understand about the history of this disturbing phenomenon is that directly following WW2, criminal elements (occultists) in the US intelligence community undertook something called Operation Paperclip:

Thousands of top Nazi physicians, scientists, and intelligence agents were spirited into the US by means of skillfully falsified dossiers which obscured their "war criminal" status.

In short—every horrible, evil Nazi scientist or physician who had been involved in the unspeakable human experiments in the Nazi death camps…was brought over here after the war to continue his work. Most of them were in fact luciferian, with devout allegiances to Nazi-style "Thule" occultism...something Hitler had been passionate about.

And these scientists had developed the ability and the technology to implement much more sophisticated mind control methods.

You’ll have to decide how much of your own research you want to do. I provide here in this chapter a fairly brief overview and some good links.

What Americans do not realize is that virtually the entire heart and brains of the Nazi empire were transplanted into the back halls of US government during the first few years after WW2.

It is therefore fair to say the Nazi empire never actually died. It simply moved across the ocean and has become a de facto ‘shadow government’ which has predominated in American affairs. The U.S. government is veritably crawling with ethnic German Nazis. At this point, most of these are the children or grandchildren of the original Germans who came over after the war. Keep in mind, of course, the Nazis are simply an extension of the satanic, globalist Illuminati.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove, former top adviser to the President of the United States (nicknamed "Bush's Brain") is himself an ethnic German with a dual German/American citizenship, and whose grandfather was a high-ranking Nazi:

Karl Heinz Roverer, was a prominent political leader, a Gauleiter and a Nazi State Party chairman. He was also the senior engineer in the Roverer Sud-Deutche Ingenieurburo A. G. Engineering -- the firm that built the Birkenau death camp.

And in the modern day, Paperclip baby Karl Rove(rer), having been proudly named by his parents after his Nazi war criminal grandfather, has been sitting at the right hand of the President, and has been considered one of the most powerful and influential people in the nation.


Valuable insights into this Paperclip scenario have come from a certain Kay Griggs (among others), whose husband (a colonel in the Marines) was deeply involved in secret and criminal operations within the military. She has reported many things about the Paperclip people, about assassinations, about these criminal elements in the military who are perpetrating a worldwide wholesale drug-smuggling enterprise…and a heavy dose of occultism and sexual perversion. Google video

Kay Griggs

Here are some excerpts from a research article:
For 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors. First going public in 1998 in an eight hour video interview with a truth-seeking Michigan pastor and FM radio broadcaster, she now is back after 9/11 to warn Americans to beware of the evil lurking within the highest levels of government, bound and determined to destroy America.

Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret “Cap and Gown, and Skull and Bone society” her husband belonged to along with other high-ranking Marine officers and pubic officials.

She first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives.

“My former husband George, who is a trained assassin, calls the people he is involved with the members of The Firm or The Brotherhood.”… said Griggs, as she mentioned name after high-powered name and story after-detailed story about sexual perversion, murder, military hit squads, brainwashing and mind control, all activities sanctioned, participated in and condoned by a group of military and political elite.

“Who are these people?” Griggs repeated after being asked the same direct question. “In general, they are first generation German sons, mostly who run things in the military through tight friendships made in Europe and at war colleges. Psyops is a controlling group and Paul Wolfowitz is a major player."


She goes on to name such people as Donald Rumsfeld (clearly a German name), Henry Kissinger, and many others.

Here are more Paperclip Nazis: LINK LINK

Just to provide a few examples before moving on:

Helen Von Damm is a person of interest in this regard. She was to Reagan what Karl Rove was to Bush--a kind of "super assistant".

She came to the US in 1954, bristling with connections to high-level Paperclip Nazis, such as mass-murderer Albrecht Otto von Bolschwing (seen below) who also played an influential role in US foreign and domestic policy. LINK.

Current Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom's father, Judge William Newsom, was a business partner of Otto von Bolschwing's. The "Paperclip Nazi" rabbit hole goes very deep.

Albrecht Otto von Bolschwing

Von Damm held huge sway over Reagan's appointments and staff choices while he was governor. Later, she even became the US ambassador to Austria.

More info: "Ex-Nazi's Brilliant Career Strangled in a Web of Lies," San Jose Mercury, 11/20/81

She had also worked for Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi general who was head of the German intelligence operations.

Gehlen, using the Operation Paperclip cover, came over to the United States after the war and went on to become (you'll be unhappy to know) one of the leading architects of the modern CIA.

Additional LINK

Reinhard Gehlen (center)

Among other things, Gehlen also worked for the Nixon presidential campaign. Nixon's political career, by the way, began by answering a newspaper ad which had been placed by Prescott Bush. Strange stuff.

Don't forget Wernher Von Braun who, by all rights, should have been convicted as a war criminal. He was an SS officer and an accomplice to slave labor at the Dora concentration camp during the war. Also, please realize NASA is notorious for its heavy involvement in the whole MPD/DID mind control business.

It has been rumored that many of the astronauts are MK Ultra. Occasionally, the 'programming' unravels as I believe we may have recently witnessed with one of these astronauts.

In that regard, it is significant that Von Braun worked closely with Walt Disney on a number of projects.

Disney (l) and Von Braun (r)


And take a look at this military building located at Coronado Naval Base in San Diego. There are, by the way, a lot of bad things going on in the San Diego area, and at some of the huge military bases in the region, especially China Lake. Satanism seems to be particularly prevalent there. You may recall my reference to Diana Napolis' heroic battles against these people. "Svali" also hailed originally, from San Diego.

Sooo....this thing got past the architectural design phase and...nobody noticed the great big fat swastika...not even the architect? (And my grandma plays tight end for the Jets.)

If you can't believe it--go to Google Maps, click on the "satellite" option and type in "Coronado Naval Base swastika building".


People need to take a closer look at this man. I believe there is strong indication of him being a part of the globalist movement. He is clearly bent on world domination. He has pointedly expressed a desire to rule the world. And...he appears to be positioned as the 'favorite son' of (shall we say) Illuminati/USA.

[Edit as of July, 2011--It is interesting to observe Schwarzenegger now falling from grace. Apparently, his usefulness to the globalists may have passed. Too much difficulty in getting the 25th Amendment removed and whatever other reasons they might have. Notice the brutality with which he is being ushered out of the halls of power. The elites do not want an embittered 'Chatty Cathy' sniping from the they don't just "quietly usher" him from power. They are seeing to it that he and any perceived credibility are destroyed. The Antichrist globalists are not a fun group to belong to. Anyway...I left this Schwarzenegger section in because of all the interesting information.]

If you look carefully, Schwarzenegger signs off on every single aspect of the globalist agenda...the bogus "war on terror"...the emerging police, mass abortions, global warming...and so on.

His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger (above) was a hardcore and lifelong unrepentant Nazi. You will also notice (below) that Schwarzenegger has previously posed while slyly striking a Nazi salute. Arnold campaigned for Kurt Waldheim, the Austrian chancellor, when his Nazi past was uncovered.

In that context, it was immediately noticed by occult observers when he recently posed on the cover of Time magazine displaying a satanic Thule/Nazi "Totenkopf" on his belt buckle...the typical, sly occult symbol presentation which Illuminists are known for.

Below: Nazi leader Adolf Eichman displaying the identical Totenkopf.

Here are some of the common Nazi symbols including the Totenkopf:

This fascist infiltration goes deep into government. Another suspect: Debra Cagan (below), a top advisor to President Bush, and seen here proudly wearing this Iron Cross. It's one thing for some kid to innocently doodle one of these on his school notebook. It's quite another thing for a Nazi symbol to be displayed in the Oval Office.

Here Schwarzenegger poses with known Satanist/Scientologist and Nazi 'shock artist' Gottfried Helnwein.

Below, you see an example of Helwein's art--a baby Hitler (clone?). There are indications that Nazi occultists take seriously the idea of a re-emerging Hitler...or at least a 'Hitler-esque' individual. I will talk about this in Chapter Fifteen.

Here Schwarzenegger is meeting in September of 2002 with Lord Rothschild, one of the top Luciferians in the the Rothschild residence in England, along with Warren Buffet...where they were probably hatching plans to rule the world, as usual. A year later he had acquired the governorship of California.

Schwarzenegger with Lord Rothschild (right) and Warren Buffet (left).

Nothing of critical importance is hinging on whether or not we prove Schwarzenegger to be a part of the Illuminati conspiracy...but I am hoping the reader is developing similar intuition and the ability to read around the edges and in between the lines (so to speak) in deducing what is going on before our eyes in the world today:

Therefore particularly in the context provided by this report...when you see someone go about publicly flashing Nazi occult symbolism (on the cover of Time magazine, no less)...and posing for Nazi salutes...and allowing himself to be photographed with a satanic Nazi 'shock artist'...and openly speaking of aspirations to rule the world...signing off on every single aspect of the globalist agenda...and being invited into the courts of Baron Rothschild, one of the most powerful, notorious Luciferians on the planet...all these hints and clues begin to add up.

At one point Schwarzenegger made the following statement, during a 1977 interview in which he was asked whom he admired. He replied, "I admire Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it."

So when you consider the fact that 1) George W. Bush's grandfather helped finance the Nazi Party, largely built its war machine, and attempted a Nazi takeover of our country...

...and when you consider that 2) Karl Rove's grandfather helped run the Nazi Party, and helped build the Birkenau Death Camp...

...and consider the fact that 3) Arnold Schwarzenegger's father volunteered for the infamous Nazi SA and became a high-ranking officer...

...and that there are a hundred more horror stories like this, hidden within the American community and government... becomes evident there as been this astonishing infiltration of satanic/Nazi ideology.


This 'belt buckle' incident is apparently the second time Schwarzenegger has gone to the trouble of flashing occult signals on a Time mag cover photo. See below, this cover photo from August 18, 2003--the protruding thumb pose is an obscene and explicit occult gesture known as the mano fico:

The same occult signal was used by Sigmund Freud in this photo:

(It doesn't take too much digging to discover Freud was, at bottom, a covert Kabbalist/occultist-- LINK)


At the outset of this chapter I had referred to the CIA's MK Ultra/Monarch atrocities...and how the Illuminati turn their own offspring into "mind control" victims...a process they themselves were subjected to, going back any number of generations. Then came the Nazis after WW2, with their "high tech" mind control. In fact, the term "MK Ultra" is reported to be a partly German expression, with the "M" and"K" standing for "mind" and "kontrolle" (the German word for "control")...and the "Ultra" (a word that can be used for both German and English) referring to the technological leap forward for this satanic craft.

(The term "Monarch" refers to the butterfly--not to 'royalty'. For some reason, mind control trauma victims sometimes described their emerging "split personalities" as butterflies, thus the term "Monarch" came in to use.)


Svali provides additional insight into the strangely depraved mindset of Illuminati culture in which the parents will proudly turn their child over for use as a prostitute, assassin or other heinous acts. A quote from Svali:

"To them, the greatest love is to make a child strong, and fit to lead or to move higher in the group, by whatever means it takes. If a leader sees a child, and wants it as a prostitute, the loving parents will give it away, happy that their child will rise in status. Also, again, they view betrayal as the greatest good. They will do set up after set up to teach their children to never openly trust others."

With that in mind...if we were to scour the landscape of American culture particularly in the years following the war...would we see any indications of this kind of thing?

Well, for openers...let's just say that the number of 50's and 60's pop music stars and young Hollywood stars who came out of a military and/or intelligence (CIA et al) quite startling.


Dave McGowan has done some extremely good research in tracing the early (post-WW2) efforts of the occult-dominated military/intelligence community, who with the help of all these newly arrived Paperclip Nazis, were taking their human experiments to unprecedented levels.

I am going to link you to all of his research shortly, but for the next few moments I want to put some of this into my own wording so as to fit this into our particular context.

In fact, I have now come to see (through McGowan's research) that you really can not understand American culture, the "pop music" and "rock'n roll" culture...nor can you understand the true essence and the agenda coming out of Hollywood...until you take a much closer look at the 'players' who emerged onto the scene in southern California in the 50's and 60's.

It has been quite startling to realize that such a huge phalanx of all the top 'pop' or 'rock' music stars, as well as the entire top tier of young Hollywood stars from that era...all either had direct family ties or other close association with the military/intelligence community.

We'll just run down the list and see if you don't begin to connect some of the dots:


Take Admiral George Morrison, for example. This is the guy who played the leading executive role in the Gulf of Tonkin "false flag" scam which gave the bloodthirsty military/industrial vampires the war in Southeast Asia they so much wanted. It was his fleet of ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. It was he who directly oversaw the perpetration of this murderous lie. Was he a part of the Syndicate? It seems a good guess, to say the least.

In the above photo taken in January of 1964, you see the Admiral and his son on the bridge of an aircraft carrier.

Only a few months after this photo was taken, the Admiral would sail into the Gulf of Tonkin to help start the Vietnam war...and his son, Jim Morrison, would launch a career in rock music as the lead singer for The Doors, and help kick off the era of "drugs, sex, and rock'n roll". Jim would be dead within seven years.

In looking at the above photo, one wonders what happened so quickly to the innocent young kid who was visiting with his father on the Captain's Bridge.

As I said, McGowan has pieced together a fascinating study of the emergence of the 60's "youth culture". What you will see in reading through his reports is that this was FAR from being some sort of spontaneous, haphazard affair. It was a complicated, intriguing series of orchestrated events...if you follow the plot closely.

McGowan goes into depth in describing specifically the emergence of the Laurel Canyon community (in the Los Angeles area) which today holds an important place in Hollywood and Rock 'n Roll lore. The evidence regarding Laurel Canyon gives every indication of it having been pre-planned and methodically established by the a kind of CIA/military Hollywood/rock 'n roll "artist colony".

As McGowan describes it, beginning in the early 60's many of the children of CIA/military 'big wigs' began streaming into southern California, and Laurel Canyon so many "lemmings".

Frank you probably know, played a large part in creating the whole 'hippie' youth culture. And his parents? A quote from McGowan:
" is probably safe to say that Frank’s dad...had little regard for the youth culture of the 1960s, given that Francis Zappa was...a chemical warfare specialist assigned to – where else? – the Edgewood Arsenal. Edgewood is, of course, the longtime home of America’s chemical warfare program, as well as a facility frequently cited as being deeply enmeshed in MK-ULTRA operations.

"...Frank Zappa literally grew up at the Edgewood Arsenal, having lived the first seven years of his life in military housing on the grounds of the facility. The family later moved to Lancaster, California, near Edwards Air Force Base, where Francis Zappa continued to busy himself with doing classified work for the military/intelligence complex.

Frank Zappa with his parents.

Interestingly, Frank Zappa's future wife arrived at Laurel Canyon at almost the same time as Frank. Adelaide Sloatman (who later became Gail Zappa) "coincidentally" also had come from "...a long line of career Naval officers, including her father, who spent his life working on classified nuclear weapons research for the U.S. Navy. Gail herself had once worked as a secretary for the Office of Naval Research and Development (she also once told an interviewer that she had “heard voices all her life”)".

And wouldn't you know it...Gail attended Naval kindergarten with Jim Morrison. And Morrison, in turn, attended the same Alexandria, Virginia (an occult/Illuminati 'hot spot', if you recall) high school as John Phillips and Cass Elliott, of the future "The Mamas and the Papas".

"Papa" John Phillips, yet another one who came to reside in Laurel Canyon starting in the early 60's, also went on to play a major and leading role in the 60's youth culture. He was the one who wrote the very 'Pied Piper-esque' words-- "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..." --a song which seems to have played a significant role in luring thousands of disenfranchised young people out to the West coast. (He also wrote most of the other Mamas and Papas hits)

And then Phillips, along with Charles Manson associate, Terry Melcher, also organized the Monterey Pop Festival.

By the way, the aforementioned Charles Manson spent time at the home of John Phillips. He also spent time at the homes of Cass Elliott and Frank Zappa. He was extensively involved with many of the Laurel Canyon crowd. He wrote a song for the Beach Boys (Never Learn Not To Love You) that rose to #61 on the pop charts.

There is much more to the Charles Manson story...he being almost certainly (in my opinion) a product of the MK Ultra laboratories, and you get some clues to all of this in McGowan's series of research articles.

The Mamas and the Papas--John Phillips, on the right. The woman pointing is Cass Elliott.

And what of John Phillips' family ties? Again, quoting McGowan:

John Edmund Andrew Phillips was...yet another child of the military/intelligence complex. The son of U.S. Marine Corp Captain Claude Andrew Phillips and a mother who claimed to have psychic and telekinetic powers, John attended a series of elite military prep schools in the Washington, D.C. area, culminating in an appointment to the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

"John married Susie Adams...[whose] father, James Adams, Jr., had been involved in what Susie described as “cloak-and-dagger stuff with the Air Force in Vienna,” or what we like to call covert intelligence operations. Susie herself would later find employment at the Pentagon, alongside John Phillip’s older sister, Rosie, who dutifully reported to work at the [Pentagon] complex for nearly thirty years. John’s mother, ‘Dene’ Phillips, also worked for most of her life for the federal government in some unspecified capacity."

It gets stranger. The evidence shows that John Phillips spent time in Havana, Cuba during the height of Castro's Cuban revolution. Not exactly the safest place to be. Phillips even acknowledges (in a 'spun' sort of manner) having been involved in military operations in Cuba. In short, he had been participating in undercover a secret agent. Can you spell C-I-A?

The same goes for Stephen Stills. This is the guy who was part of the 60's supergroup "Crosby, Stills and Nash". Stills is another one of those who just "happened" to wander into Laurel Canyon in the early 60's. He also comes from a military family, with some indications that daddy may have been involved in covert operations in South America.

Stephen attended "elite military academies" while growing up...and according to his own testimony (are you ready for this?) spent time in Vietnam during the pre-war "US military adviser" era. This guy was part of elite CIA/special forces operations in Southeast Asia, for cryin' out loud. (Not surprisingly, the media has suppressed this little item over the years.)

And then after that, he goes out to California, throws on some "love beads", starts flashing the "peace sign", and writes a bunch of rock and folk songs.

From left to right: David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash--a very recent photo (2007)

One of the startling aspects here, when considering Stills and Phillips, is the ability to dramatically switch roles. To go from "special ops" warrior to guitar-strumming, dope-smoking hippie without missing a beat. Recall earlier descriptions of the extraordinary multi-tasking capabilities of mind control victims.

Interestingly, this weird phenomenon continues to pop up right to the present day. Take James Blunt, for example.

This is a guy who, unbeknownst to many, had a huge military career and comes from a long line of military officers. Blunt attended Sandhurst (the British equivalent of West Point) and rose to the rank of Captain. He scored elite assignments as a security officer to the Queen Mother. He then headed to war-torn Kosovo where he led 30,000 troops into combat zones.

Then he makes a 'left turn', grows his hair long, goes into the pop music business, and starts writing love songs. Some might argue this is not really a big deal. But in our context, the question is whether these are naturally occurring abilities.

Additionally, I did notice, for example, that he does something weird and conspicuous with the opening phrase of his mega-hit song "You're Beautiful"-- He cuts a musical sentence in half and leaves it hanging: "My life is brilliant...".

If you listen to the song, you'll notice it. I've taken it as a possible plug for the Illuminati, who view themselves as "brilliantly" enlightened and illuminated...making this a kind of musical 'bumpersticker' for the Illuminati.

Notice in his video how he makes an extremely high jump off a cliff. That's really him jumping. Very few people can make a jump that high. A startling array of skills and abilities.

It's just that there is this ability to dramatically shift gears that makes one wonder: Are these God-given multiple talents...or is this something cooked up in the CIA (or MI6) kitchens? Blunt also achieved the unusual feat of learning to fly an airplane by age seven

"After attending Boarding school from the age of seven he became the youngest holders of a UK private pilot license."


Before we get back to Laurel Canyon, there is another apparent example of this near 'super-human' multi-talented thing going on:

I guess not everyone knows who Gene Scott is. He was a TV preacher who appeared on cable channels out here in the West, for many years. He was a bizarre, foul-mouthed (he would swear a blue streak right during fund-raising telecasts), cigar-chomping, ill-tempered oddity. The furthest thing from
"Christian" I could ever imagine. He would spend endless hours discussing the Egyptian pyramids, among other strange quirks.

(He also played an important role in assisting in the establishment of Oral Roberts University. That becomes a very significant aspect in an upcoming chapter. Stay tuned.)

I could only stand to watch the show for a few minutes at a time...and for the same reasons one would stop to gawk at a car crash. Not one of my prouder achievements. He would show home movies of his ranch where he kept some very expensive Arabian thoroughbred horses. I noticed there always seemed to be three or four remarkably attractive women hanging around the ranch in these home movies. I thought that a little odd. Apparently, the divorced Gene Scott ended up marrying one of these "ranch hand" women.

This is where it gets strange: Gene Scott dies (in 2005) and his wife, Melissa, who looks like a 'supermodel' or something, simply takes over the pastorate of Scott's church in Los Angeles...and starts preaching these highly intellectual sermons which include heavy doses of complex Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic grammatical analyses. What in the world!

Melissa Scott

By this time I was already deeply involved in my occult research. I began googling around regarding information on "Melissa Scott". I don't mean to bring this discussion into inappropriate areas but...I can tell you the following:

She reportedly knows seventeen languages, which she apparently speaks fluently...and while there may be some embellishing involved here, I'm inclined to believe there is something to these claims after having heard some of her sermons.

However...she has also starred in five hundred porn films. That would tend be somewhat problematic for a Bible church pastor, no? Particularly since there seems to be no clear indication she has ever divested herself of ownership in the film company she has co-owned with her ex-husband (previous to Gene Scott).

Marie Claire magazine article.

According to the testimony of mind control survivors (LilyPat, Brice Taylor, and Kathleen Sullivan among them), Illuminati elites are oft times rewarded for their faithful service, by being presented with the most desirable "mind-controlled slaves". It's the whole "Stepford Wives" scenario...another reality which is viewed only as Hollywood fiction by an unsuspecting public.

Dr. Gene Scott (a product of Stanford University, by the way) was quite successful in creating a national following for his bizarre, cultic, quasi-Christian sect...a "wolf in sheep's clothing" if I ever saw one. Maybe that was why there were all these women inexplicably 'hanging out' at his ranch.

If Melissa Scott is one of these tragic mind control victims, I could imagine the Syndicate members think it is "very funny" to switch out her programming, and demonstrate how they can literally turn a 'porn star' into a Bible-preaching pastor (albeit a heretical one).



Not only does David Crosby (again, of "Crosby, Stills and Nash" fame) also tie into the whole military/intelligence network through his family...but as McGowan points out, he seems to provide another good example of this whole "bloodline" thing-- the idea that this worldwide centuries-old crime syndicate is bound together through carefully preserved family lineages.

Crosby is the son of Annapolis graduate and WW2 military intelligence officer, Major Floyd Delafield Crosby...who later went on to become a prominent film director in Hollywood. Quoting McGowan again:

But David Crosby is much more than just the son of Major Floyd Delafield Crosby. David Van Cortlandt Crosby, as it turns out, is a scion of the closely intertwined Van Cortlandt, Van Schuyler and Van Rensselaer families.

And while you’re probably thinking, “the Van Who families?,” I can assure you that if you plug those names in over at Wikipedia, you can spend a pretty fair amount of time reading up on the power wielded by this clan for the last, oh, two-and-a-quarter centuries or so.

Suffice it to say that the Crosby family tree includes a truly dizzying array of US senators and congressmen, state senators and assemblymen, governors, mayors, judges, Supreme Court justices, Revolutionary and Civil War generals, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and members of the Continental Congress.

It also includes, I should hasten to add – for those of you with a taste for such things – more than a few high-ranking Masons. Stephen Van Rensselaer III, for example, reportedly served as Grand Master of Masons for New York.

And if all that isn’t impressive enough, according to the New England Genealogical Society, David Van Cortlandt Crosby is also a direct descendant of ‘Founding Fathers’ and Federalist Papers’ authors Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

Left to right: Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, and Eric Clapton in Cass Elliott's backyard in Laurel Canyon (circa early 1968).


There is also the hugely successful folk/rock band "America", comprised of Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek and Dewey Bunnell...again, all residents of Laurel Canyon back in the day. To jog your memory, this was the band that came up with such hits as Ventura Highway and
Horse With No Name.

McGowan writes: "...all three of these lads were products of the military/intelligence community. Beckley’s dad was the commander of the now-defunct West Ruislip USAF base near London, England, a facility deeply immersed in intelligence operations. Bunnell’s and Peek’s fathers were both career Air Force officers serving under Beckley’s dad at West Ruislip, which is where the three boys first met."

As we have seen with Crosby, it wasn't just military/
intelligence people showing up on the Laurel Canyon scene...but also people with "blueblood" background. Remember the theory about elite bloodlines comprising the Syndicate. Add two more names to that list:

Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, and Cory Wells of Three Dog Night...both heirs to vast fortunes, who showed up at Laurel Canyon on cue.

The Monkees--with Mike Nesmith pictured at the top. Others (descending)--Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones

Another possible suspect/victim, as one who may have been (shall we say) procured by the Syndicate: James Taylor, who spent time at two different mental institutions (an absolute favorite locale for MK Ultra perpetrators)...before coming out to (you guessed it) Laurel Canyon to commence his music career.

And now, here is the link to McGowan's opening chapter on Laurel Canyon, and also the link to his website...a wealth of information. His current series of articles about Laurel Canyon are at the top of the page.

The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon

More links and information from Dave McGowan

And also now, thank God, the daughter of Dave McGowan (who has recently died under what I consider to be suspicious circumstances)...has revived and renovated almost all of her father's work and it can now be found here:

Center For An Informed America


We see the same exact profile among the 'young buck' film actors who hung out or lived in Laurel Canyon. McGowan has researched the backgrounds of the elite group of young actors who were nicknamed "the Young Turks" back in those days:

Bruce Dern, Peter and Jane Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Sharon Tate, Warren Beatty and his sister Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson, and Marlon Brando...all of whom (in our context) have incredibly anomalous backgrounds...with direct ties into either military intelligence, or elite "bloodlines" in the case of Jack Nicholson (similarly to James Taylor), show signs of having been "procured" by the Syndicate. LINK

Take Bruce Dern, as one example: His godparents were none other than Eleanor Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson. Bruce's grandfather, George Dern, was Secretary of War under Franklin Roosevelt, as well as Governor of Utah and Chairman of the National Governors’ Association.

Bruce’s mother was Jean MacLeish, the sister of Archibald MacLeish (Bruce's uncle), who also served under Franklin Roosevelt, as the Director of the War Department’s Office of Facts and Figures...essentially as the mastermind of Roosevelt's war propaganda. MacLeish was also a member of Yale's elite satanic cult "Skull and Bones", one year before Prescott Bush became a member in 1916.

The whole Laurel Canyon scenario is summarized well when McGowan quotes Neil Young who, in a seemingly half-bemused/ half-befuddled manner describes how he and so many others participated in this odd and virtually simultaneous mass pilgrimage to Laurel Canyon in the mid 60's. He admits in interviews to not knowing why he headed for Los Angeles and Laurel Canyon but that he and others “were just going like Lemmings”.

In context, one of my favorite Mamas and Papas songs Twelve-Thirty, written by John Phillips himself, now strikes me as very creepy: "Young girls are coming to the Canyon...And in the mornings I can see them walking".

Inexplicably, as if on cue and in almost zombie-like fashion, all these young people appeared...the blueblood/ military-intelligence crowd along with a sort of 'ready made' groupie community comprised of a large number of run-away/'lost soul' types.

And if that isn't enough, consider the fact this 'hippy dippy', dope-smoking artist colony, Laurel Canyon, was also the location for a "serious-as-a-heart-attack" military/intelligence facility which outdid even Area 51 in secrecy and impregnability:

Lookout Mountain Laboratory was built in 1941 (the history of Laurel Canyon goes back many years--you really need to read through McGowan's stuff)...and functioned as a combination movie studio / CIA research & development / police state propaganda factory.

Lookout Mountain Laboratory

The existence of this facility wasn't even acknowledged until the early 90's even though it had produced some 19,000 government propaganda films, and had the likes of John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe working there on "undisclosed projects". No Hollywood actor has ever admitted working at this place. At this point, the property has now been sold to Jared Leto. See this website.

Apparently, much of the cutting edge movie technology (such as 3D effects) originated at Lookout Mountain, and spun off into the larger Hollywood movie industry. God only knows what else they're cooking up at places like this.

As an aside (a strictly speculative one)...I am sort of guessing these guys, at some point, are going to trot out spectacular holographic images, flashed across the night skies...with some sort of propaganda messages with which to 'wow' the populace. (There'll be no "wows" from me.)


I think by the time you were to get through reading the article at the following would know full well, there is a sinister, murderous, satanic underbelly of non-stop intrigue in connection to the entirety of the Hollywood entertainment scene. Behind the thin veneer of celluloid...a world of trouble and mayhem. I highly recommend at least browsing through McGowan's website-- LINK


In my view, what we should learn from this is the extreme priority and emphasis these Illuminati have placed on mind control of the general public...through images and through music.

The bottom line is that to this very day, the movie, music, sports, and entertainment industries are heavily dominated and controlled by CIA/Antichrist entities. Large numbers of the top "stars" are virtual "Stepford" humans...Manchurian Candidates...MK Ultra victims...whatever you wish to call them. LINK

That's not to say you can't occasionally glean some
'entertainment value': If you view a particular Hollywood movie and/or listen to some contemporary music through a corrective matrix or filter...the intended propaganda effect might be no more than water off a duck's back.

As an example, if you've seen through the fraud and falsehoods of both left-wing socialism and right-wing fascism...potentially, you could view a movie like "American President" (starring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening) merely for the simple entertainment value.

Though this particular movie is chock-full of ridiculous "liberal" blurbs and propaganda, you can "filter" those things out...brush aside all the political nonsense, and enjoy the actual plot and charm of the movie.

Then again...there is the larger question of how each of us as aspiring Jesus-followers are dealing with the world's endless array of Siren songs--all the enticements and 'mind control' manipulations coming from the world's propaganda centers (Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the sports world, etc.).

I'm afraid there are many more who, like Demas have become infatuated with this present world. We know clearly from the Scriptures, and now through this hard evidence which has been laid out before us...that Lucifer is going about the business of creating false visions...false dreams.

Interestingly, long before Hollywood ever came along, all the fairy tales from 'olden times' have ended with "...and they lived happily ever after". But that's a lie, is it not? It's one of the Devil's major "false claims" which are intended to create false hopes. You don't live "ever after" in this world. The typical Hollywood movie makes the same false claim to this very day:

In Shawshank Redemption, for example, two guys break out of prison and, as the movie seems to suggest....go on to live happily ever after. But as you're using Kleenex to dab the tears while the final credits roll, hopefully it occurs to you--"Wait a minute, though--they both died later on, didn't they?" (Of old age, or whatever.)

In other words, if the Devil can get us overly fixated on this (dying) world and get us chasing false dreams and fake, contrived scenarios...he (and his Illuminati) can thus kill many birds with one stone, it seems to me:

It's the old Roman emperor's trick--"panem et circenses"...bread and circuses. How many millions of Americans can think no more deeply than whether or not so-and-so is going to win the "American Idol" contest...or who is going to win the Super Bowl, or the World Cup, or an Olympic gold medal?

And if you don't care for American many us have allowed ourselves to be saddled with a huge whopper-sized version of the so-called "American Dream"...bitten off more than we can reasonably chew...and thus have "no time" to mend the fences that guard our freedoms from encroaching totalitarianism...or much more importantly, guard ourselves spiritually from the "wiles of the devil"?

As George Carlin (of all people) once said: "They call it the American Dream...because you have to be asleep to believe it".

I have encountered significant resistance to the overall message of this online report because folks are simply too preoccupied...with their bowl of popcorn, their televised NFL game, and their plans for summer vacation. No time for this inconvenient "end of the world" stuff.

Increasingly, I believe we also see this trend in the Evangelical church world (and most likely as a result of direct luciferian influence, in some sort of covert fashion)--these "busy busy" make-work scenarios:

We've been handed "forty days" of ticking off 'to-do' checklists which are supposedly going to help us achieve a state of "purpose-drivenness". (Christians are to view themselves as..."driven"? Such a strange falsehood and mis-emphasis.)

Today we are told we can experience a spiritual reviving by choosing from a wide selection of Evangelical luxury ocean cruises ($5000 a pop) with wall-to-wall Christian celebrity music stars and other Christian VIP's to hob-nob with.

And a huge selection of Christian "festivals", "celebrations", and spectacular Christian music concerts with $350 front row seats (I attended a Pat Terry concert in 1978, for a buck--call me 'grumpy').

Do any of us ever stop to think that maybe most of this is ...a concocted "wild goose chase"? A gigantic "
snipe hunt"...that much of this has been deliberately designed as distraction?

Recall how God told Gideon to select his men--by keeping only those whose drank water from the river guardedly, carefully lapping the water from one hand. Those who plopped face first into the river and began guzzling...were sent home.

The balance between...reasonable aspirations and reasonable goals in life , in business, and finance...or being sucked into the world's system of false values and false visions (that whole "vainglory" thing which is repeatedly warned of, in the Bible) a difficult balance, indeed.

The advice from the Scriptures is to "do all things in moderation".

It goes very much to the heart of the matter as "sojourners", living as foreigners in a foreign as those who, by "faith", envision the next world...the Kingdom of God where, according to the Good Book, the children of God will enter into all that it means to be the ultimate royalty..."joint heirs" with the King of kings.

The next world is where it's at. The present world is nothing but a sinking ship. We live on Planet Titanic.

(By the way: Certainly, if enough conscientious people were to see through the scams of these globalist criminals, we could theoretically stave off this "sinking" process and plug some of the leaks, simply by having become informed and aware. I'm all for it--set back their timetables by a thousand years. I'm sure it would happen if awareness among the community reached certain levels. The kingdom of darkness would grind to a halt. way or the other it will soon be "game over" for this old world.)

To summarize: What we see coming out of Hollywood, the music industry, out of Disney and Warner Brothers...not to mention Nashville and
the country music scene (another gigantic can of worms) foundationally a CIA/Nazi-occult operation.

LINK: The CIA/television-entertainment connection

But as Bible students we already knew that in a general sense, didn't we? We know from the Scriptures that this world system is simply a facade behind which "the spirit of this world" (the Devil) hides. It's just that now, with help from the Internet, we're getting a brief look inside the engine room of this whole thing.

Psalm 28:
1Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.

2Hear the voice of my supplications, when I cry unto thee, when I lift up my hands toward thy holy oracle.

3Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts.

4Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavours: give them after the work of their hands; render to them their desert.

5Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.

6Blessed be the LORD, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications.

7The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

8The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed.

9Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up for ever.



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INTRODUCTION: Connecting current events to "end times" a way you've never seen before.

CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Luciferians in American culture, politics, academia...and in the Evangelical community.

CHAPTER TWO: The Kay Arthur/ Al Denson/ Robert Schuller/ Star Trek/ Oprah Winfrey Connection??

CHAPTER THREE: A Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FOUR: An Even Closer Look At 9/11.

CHAPTER FIVE: 9/11--Some Parting Shots.

CHAPTER SIX: A Closer Look At The Bush Family.

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Franklin Cover-Up / Bohemian Grove Connection.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Entering the Netherworld.

CHAPTER NINE: Hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, pestilence, disease...and more.

CHAPTER TEN: The Pre-Trib Rapture Problem.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: A Grand Tour of the Devil's Crime Syndicate.

CHAPTER TWELVE: Part Two of the Grand Tour.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Part Three--Wolves in Sheep's clothing.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Part Four--More Wolves.

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate Through History

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Tracking the Syndicate--Part Two


CONCLUSION: "Happily Ever After".